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Aliyu, Lamido tell Buhari: Fulfil your election promises; no hiding place for APC now

Governor Babangida Aliyu
Governor Babangida Aliyu


Jigawa State Governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido and his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Niger State counterpart, Babangida Aliyu , have reiterated calls to the President-elect General Muhammadu Buhari to rise to the promises made to Nigerians if he still wants his credibility intact.

Speaking at the commissioning of the ultra-modern and multi-billion naira Shiroro Bridge, both dismissed reports that they had jettisoned the PDP in favour of a new one.

Positing that Nigerians will not patient with the President-elect, the governors further stated that the All Progressive Congress (APC) has no hiding place if the economy collapses on its head.

Lamido said, “You must fulfil your promises, because there was no condition given on how to do it. Whether the economy is favourable or not, do not give us any excuse. We will not tolerate any excuses because when you were asking for votes and making promises, there were no conditions given.

“… Whatever they are, they owe it all to the PDP because PDP one way or the other brought almost all of them into politics. It is about time for them to reflect, because Nigerians will definitely hold them accountable.

“They try to turn tribe against tribe, brother against brother, they try to break and distort Nigeria’s harmony raising false hope. They must fulfil all their promises”.

He went further to say that during the APC’s campaign, they failed to raise any issue that bothered on development rather they were harping on Boko Haram, corruption and other security issues.

They also reprimanded Adamu Muazu’s led PDP National Working Committee (NWC) and called on him to resign over the defeat of PDP suffered by the PDP at the last general elections.

“How could you lead a party to a disastrous defeat and you are still thinking of some ideas. And it is now you are asking people or blaming people that you have not been given chance and that the money of the campaign was not with you.

“Why didn’t you tell us before the elections? Why do you have to wait until you are defeated? Because you assumed that we had won, and if we had you would have taken the credit for the winning, so take the blame for the losing.

“That’s all we are saying. But if it is the party’s belief that the leadership be retained, believe me, we will not fight it, because the actual change will come in March 2016. That is when we will go to the Convention and all PDP members will be there and we will elect new leaders.

“So, it is even better. What I said was for us to entrench democracy and faith in God, immediately it happened tender your resignation,”

Speaking in a similar vein Governor Sule Lamido said, ‘It is not time for blame game. It is time to think and reflect on how to reposition PDP. The party is a party of national interest and unity. We should all accept that we made mistakes and find ways to correct it in the future”.

On the alleged plan to form a new party, Governor Sule Lamido said, “We have both agreed not to leave the PDP. We dey kankpe for PDP, we dey shelele for PDP.

“Our belief and faith in Allah, says whatever you see is designed and implemented by Allah. And you must not be the type of people who think they must always be on the winning side. For us, time-to-time you will need to learn some lessons. And the defeat of PDP should be seen as a lesson”.

“After you have been given by God 16 years, and He has decided to give other people, you are not to be annoyed, you are not to show your unfaithfulness. You are to thank God. And in thanking him, you appeal to do whatever is necessary to make God be pleased with you.

“So, when I saw the planted news on the television that we have met and we are going to create a new party I said maybe it was for those who have no morality.

“You saw what happened in England where there was an election recently, all the other parties who failed said, let us give way for other people now to reinvigorate the party,” stated Lamido.

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