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The quit notice, hate speeches and President Buhari’s northernisation/Islamisation agenda By Professor Ben Nwabueze

NATURE OF HATE SPEECHES In the aftermath of the divisions in the country caused by President Buhari’s Northernisation/ Islamisation Agenda, as manifested in his lopsided strategic appointments that unfairly favour the North as against the South, and the complete exclusion of the South-East from them, which gave rise to agitations …

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President Buhari should not lure us into the deadly trap of establishing cattle colonies for Fulani herdsmen in every state of the Federation By Professor Ben Nwabueze

A COLONY OF ANY TYPE AND IN ALL PERIODS OF HISTORY AND A SETTLEMENT ARE INSEPARABLE FROM EACH OTHER To us here in Nigeria, a colony is nothing new. The colony of Lagos established by the British in 1861 has familiarised us to it. But our acquaintance with it goes …

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Whether the eradication of corruption is the motivating object of the on-going war against corruption by Professor Ben Nwabueze

The object of the war against corruption, in which successive governments in the country profess themselves to be engaged, needs to be clearly stated and constantly borne in mind. The Constitution is unequivocal that the object is the eradication or abolition of “all corrupt practices and abuse of office.” Accordingly, …

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Public Service and imperative for inspirational leadership By Dr. Akintola, Benson Oke

Universally, public service is the institution that drives activities of government. It operates with professionals and non- professionals from whom it demands a special aptitude, training, language, discipline and culture. It is the major instrument used by government to implement its policies, programmes and plans. No wonder many refer to …

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