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Change will consume many of its proponents— Prophet

A cleric, Prophet James Omitade has said that the mantra ‘change’ that brought Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari into power would consume many of those who spread the slogan across the nation

Prophet Omitade, who is in charge of the Holy Trinity Authority Prophetic Church International in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State, was speaking, Tuesday in a chat with newsmen on the political situation of the country.

Omitade also advised that as part of the efforts to reunite the nation, the President-elect, Major Gen Muhammadu Buhari should form an all –inclusive government that would cut across all political parties , ‘for Nigeria to stand united and heal the wounds caused by the hate campaigns that dogged the 2015 general elections.’

The cleric who also warned the 19 All Progressives Congress (APC) lawmakers against impeaching Governor Ayodele Fayose from office, said that doing so ‘would ridicule the state and set a bad record for the state as being one where ‘a governor have been impeached twice.’

“Many of the proponents of change will not benefit from the incoming government. Many of them, particularly those in APC will be consumed because Buhari will be forced by the power of the people to do the right thing.

“God will take vengeance against many of those that had ruined the country by their dealings but were posing as those working for the country by the coming government.

“It will surprise Nigeria that many of those that spread the gospel of change will end up being jailed or locked up somewhere. There will be some change from Buhari, but surprisingly those expected won’t benefit from it”, Prophet Omitade stated.

He further noted that bringing the opposition into the incoming government would unite Nigeria and mend the cracks the actions and inactions of political actors had brought to Nigeria in the course of pursuing their political aspirations prior to the just concluded general elections.

“What Nigerians needed from Major Gen Buhari is change and to bring a change, he must unite Nigeria by mending all the cracks that had existed among us. The late President Umaru Yar’Adua started with a Government of National Unity when he came on board in 2007. He did this to unite Nigeria and inject the spirit of brotherliness in our body polity. With what we are experiencing Nigeria, we need GNU even more that then because Nigeria was not as divided as we are today after the 2007 elections.

“I want to advise Buhari to toe the same line. He must prove to Nigerians that he possesses the character and the knack to bring us together. President Goodluck Jonathan had rescued Nigeria from the brink of disintegration and it is now time for Buhari to consolidate on this solid structure”.

On the impeachment fever in Ekiti State, the Cleric advised that dislodging Fayose from his seat would create atmosphere of enmity and violence, which he said would blow ill-wind that would consume many innocent citizens.

“Ekiti is reputed as the most educated in the country and we have to live by this standard. We should not use our education to create confusion or victimize ourselves just for political positions. Politics don’t change human character and you don’t have to get political positions before you can impact positively on the lives of your people, so there is no need for desperation.

“I want to advise the political actors, I mean Fayose and the lawmakers to fashion out ways of settling this matter rather than giving Ekiti a bad name. Ekiti is our own Jerusalem and its interest must be paramount to all of us, not individual interest.

“Governance   should not be about self. We have to think about the future of this State and the image we are creating for it,” he advised.

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