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The woes of Edo and the Osaro Onaiwu solution

Osaro Onaiwu, APGA guber candidate
Osaro Onaiwu, APGA guber candidate
Emeka Nwagwuna

As politicians in Edo State struggle to outshine one another in the build up to the forthcoming September 10, 2016 governorship election, Edo people must be vigilant to avoid the deceit that has become the attribute of many a politician and ensure the election of the best candidate. The narrative in informed circles across the state captures this sentiment and the need to return Edo to its glorious past.
It is unfortunate that even the modest infrastructure which Edo inherited upon its creation in 1991 has so lost value that one wonders whether successive governments have been asleep. Take the roads in Benin, the capital city for instance; there is hardly any in the main city without deep gullies. Even where you manage to find a tarred road, be rest assured that the adjoining streets will be no better than swamps. Driving in Edo during this rainy season is particularly hellish for motorists.
In the area of sports, one hardly hears anything these days about what government is doing to heighten its development. Even Samuel Ogbemudia stadium which had all manner of training equipment back in the days is now a shadow of its old self as there is hardly anything on ground for athletes to keep up their form. A nostalgic recall of the good old days of sports performance can in fact induce tears.
In the realm of human capital advancement, Edo showcases one of the worst case scenarios in the country. Figures released by National Bureau of Statistics ranks Edo State 7th among the top 10 states with the highest unemployment rates in Nigeria.
Consequent upon the above, it is not surprising that the security situation in Edo has so degenerated thereby making it a cesspit of crime and criminality. The youths nowadays easily take to such monstrous crimes like kidnapping, cybercrime and daylight robbery to mention but a few.
In the education sector, public schools can no longer boast of full staff establishment. Lack of teachers and inadequate teaching tools are now the order of the day. Even the red roof campaign in primary and secondary schools started by the out-going administration is only a scheme meant to mask the true state of the schools. Most of those red roofs have no chairs in the class rooms they adorn. When the non-payment of salaries to state and local government staff is added to the woes currently being experienced, the gloomy picture of what Edo has become will almost be clear.
The argument that the dwindling federal allocation should be accepted as excuse for this parlous state of affairs can’t be sustained. In 2015, Edo ranked 5th in internally generated revenue in Nigeria yet nothing much to justify the tax burden on the people.
When a government becomes insensitive to the yearnings of the people, that government has renounced its democratic title. The All Progressives Congress, APC, government in Edo state has abandoned the people and can therefore not be trusted to decide who occupies government house later this year.
The September 10th 2016 election in Edo state is another opportunity for the people of Edo to make a statement concerning their future.
Although all the candidates cleared by INEC for the election do certainly have some selling points, Earl Osaro Onaiwu, the APGA candidate for the election stands out in so many respects. As former Director General of Governors’ Forum, Onaiwu’s exposure to the patterns of development in all other states of the federation means he is not coming to learn on the job. Having also piloted the affairs of the Governors’ Forum without any blemish to his name indicates that the man can be trusted because he has already been tested.
At a time when other candidates hire thugs that are armed with dangerous weapons and rascally parade same to further warp the psych of the people whose votes they ostensibly canvas, Onaiwu simply surrounds himself with decent, fair minded supporters. An honest man, Onaiwu is not one that will send his children far away from himself just because of election. For him, it is not a do-or-die venture but one that signposts his passion to build. He has severally been spotted with his eldest son even on a road show. This attribute speaks volumes about his congruence with the people.
Similarly, an encounter with Onaiwu reveals a man at peace with himself. No wonder he speaks with so much wisdom embedded in a patriotic desire to realise his vision for the state. Unarguably, it is at the level of vision that the aspirations of a people are subsumed in a clear cut policy direction. Onaiwu understands this hence the christening of his campaign slogan as SOLUTION.
It is therefore easy to see the need for the solution that Onaiwu represents, a solution that simply means, the emancipation of the Edo people from long years of underdevelopment caused by governmental under performance and lack of creativity. In real terms, the solution matrix purports to offer Edo people a creative way out of the doldrums that have become their reality.
A fine gentleman with a penchant for excellence and a track record of being associated with progress in so many states of the federation, Onaiwu has never meddled with politics of bitterness. At a time when APC and PDP in Edo State are struggling to outdo each other in campaign of calumny, Onaiwu restrains himself to issue based campaign. He humbly engages the electorate one on one on street corners and major roads across the state.
With a character like Onaiwu at the helm of state affairs, the transformation that has eluded Edo people would have been surmounted.
Nwagwuna, a public affairs analyst, wrote in from Benin-City.

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