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Woman stabs self in the skull thinking it would relief headache

An Australian woman, who was hit by severe headache for several days, plugged a knife into her own head thinking it would stop the pains. But unknown to Amanda Murphy, the ache was caused by a tumour growing inside her ovary. Surgeons found hair and teeth inside the tumour when she was operated upon.

Amanda’s ordeal started three days before last Christmas when she went to work with the disturbing headache, Daily Mail Australia, reports. As the day wore on and the pain did not go away, Amanda texted her sister, Rachael, who told her to go to the sick bay.

When Rachael visited her later in the day, she became concerned after Amanda complained there was something in her head and she needed to get it out.

Doctors did some tests and found nothing wrong with her and sent the sisters back home with painkillers for Amanda. But her condition did not improve, forcing the 28-year-old to adopt extreme measures and almost ending her own life.

According to doctors, ovarian teratoma encephalitis, is a condition which mostly affects young women who end up being misdiagnosed and are admitted into psychiatric care or display behaviour so erratic that they are kept in intensive care.

After days of treatment at the hospital, Amanda failed to respond, falling into a psychosis instead. She was later transferred to the psychiatric ward of Sydney’s Mater Hospital where she was supervised by a nurse all day.

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