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2023 Presidency:  Ozo Ndigbo insist it’s South East’s turn  

Nzuko Ozo Ndigbo has thrown its weight behind the actualization of a President of Nigeria of South East extraction in 2023.

This was one of the major resolutions reached by the representatives of all the Ozo titled men from Igbo land on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at the Donbid Royal Hotels, Enugu. The history was made during the celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the association.

Before the event took off, members observed a one-minute silence in honour of their former leader, Ozo Professor Chinweyite Ejike (Aguowulu), the former Vice Chancellor of the Enugu State University of Science and Technology, ESUT, Enugu, who passed on a few months ago.

Nzuko Ozo Ndigbo is the highest organ of the Igbo traditional institution. In the Igbo traditional religion, the collective pronouncement by Ndi Ozo will instantly get justice from the gods who unleash severe punishment on whoever is being cursed.

The members of the Ozo society rarely make a collective pronouncement on issues but when such a pronouncement is made, it stands irrevocable and irretrievably efficacious with dire repercussions on the life of those it may concern. This is because of the moral and spiritual status of the members of the Ozo society and the potent force it draws from the Igbo ancestors.

The group, led by Professor Ike Oluka, the Ohamadike of Eke and a lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering, ESUT, Enugu has members from across all parts of Igbo land.

In moving the motion for a resolution on the actualization of a Nigerian President of Igbo extraction, Hon. Chiedozie Alex Ogbonnia, (Ozowaluona Mbanabo) the National Publicity Secretary of Ohanaeze Ndigbo recapitulated the poor state of infrastructure in Igbo land; the yawning gap between the political elite and the youths; unemployment and the increasing poverty in the land; security challenges and the alienation of the Igbo from the centre of power in Nigeria.

Ogbonnia highlighted that other geopolitical zones have taken a shot at the leadership of this country except the Igbo. He expressed the hope that with an Igbo as the president of Nigeria, the Igbo resourcefulness, tenacity, inventiveness and frontierism will usher in massive prosperity for the entire Nigeria. He urged all Igbos to lend their support to the Igbo unwavering collective project.

In seconding the motion, Oba Chukwuemeka Onyeso (Agbalanze of Nri), Anambra State explained that it is often a very solemn occasion for the members of Ozo society to come together to resolve on an issue because of the potency that goes with such a resolution. Onyeso reiterated that purity is the hallmark of the Ozo society. He also highlighted the transcendental linkage between the Ozo, Igbo ancestors and the Almighty on one hand and purity essence, justice and equity on the other.

In his contribution, Sir Joel Eke (Ozo Okebunachi of Okpogho), Ezeagu, Enugu State and the Public Relations Officer of the group added that God works on the side of the just and that all Nigerians and the global community have come to terms with the Nigerian realities and the cause of the incessant crises in the country, stressing that the moment Nigerians set their right foot on the right path, for the right cause, only then can they achieve the right results.

In ordering that the revered Igbo scepters be raised up, Professor Oluka admonished that those who want to destroy the Igbo will surely be destroyed; those who want to disgrace the Igbo will be disgraced; those who want to take what belongs to another will have theirs forcefully taken.

The motion received a unanimous approval with all members raising their sacred scepters and stamping them on the ground with an ovation of Isee; and so must it be.

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