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Governor Willie Obiano

Abia re-run election: Obiano drums support for Alex Otti

Governor Obiano
Governor Obiano

Governor of Anambra State, Chief Willie Obiano has called on the people of Abia State to choose the surest path to accelerated development and all-round renewal of their state by voting for Dr. Alex Otti in the gubernatorial election that is rescheduled for Saturday, April 25, 2015 in select parts of the state.

Speaking at the Governor’s Lodge, Amawbia, Wednesday, Governor Obiano observed that the rescheduled election has given Ndi Abia the chance to get their calculations right this time, pointing out that if truly the people were desirous of experiencing real progress in the next four years, they would have no difficulties voting for Dr. Alex Otti who is standing election on the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA).

According to him, the decision of who to choose between Dr. Otti and other candidates contesting with him is like a choice between light and darkness; because Dr. Otti is apparently the best man for the job.

“As a retired banker, I know what it takes to attain the height that Alex Otti attained as a former Managing Director of one of Nigeria’s leading banks. That achievement is possibly the best preparation for the arduous task of running the affairs of a state. I want to assure Abia people that their future is more assured if they give Alex Otti the chance to lead them as their governor. I have no doubt that Otti will transform Abia in a matter of years,” Governor Obiano assured.

Borrowing from his own personal experience, the governor further explained that the advantage of having a technocrat as the helmsman is that he is better grounded in the nitty-gritty of deploying scarce human and material resources in a manner that would give the state the greatest value.

“It is not the same thing as having someone who does not have the benefit of that experience, someone whose only claim to fame is that he has been a loyal party man. Alex Otti knows exactly what to do to turn Abia State around. He is not coming to do any guess work. He has a clear understanding of what the challenges are and how to tackle them. That is the major difference between him and others”.

Governor Obiano further pointed out that as a former Managing Director of a foremost Nigerian bank, Dr. Alex Otti has a reputation to protect. “He knows that he is representing one of the most respected professions in the world. He knows that his name would be at stake if he fails to do the right thing; if he fails to rise to the challenge of his job and surpass the expectations of the Abia people as their governor. This cannot be said of those challenging him for the gubernatorial seat of Abia State. They have nothing at stake; no serious name to treasure and no prestigious constituency to answer to,” the governor further explained.

Speaking further, Obiano opined that Abia State is on the crossroads, arguing that after years of PDP leadership that left most parts of the state in dire need of urgent attention, only a renowned technocrat and

an astute manager of men and resources like Otti can lead the state back to winning ways.

“Abia State is a very important state in the South East. The state occupies a significant position in Igbo land. The potentials of Abia as a state as well as her many endowments in human and material resources are tremendous. However, they don’t amount to much if there is no competent manager in the State House who knows exactly what to do with them. And that is where Alex Otti’s expertise and years of experience will come in handy,” he said

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