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African Entertainment Award USA takes the world by storm   

Mr. Dominic Tamin

Seven years old this year, the African Entertainment Awards USA (AEAUSA) has continued to blaze the trail as the foremost African entertainment event in the United States and in the world.

The Award that is being organized by a financial expert, Mr. Dominic Tamin, aims at unifying the African continent through the recognition of stars from the motherland who are making outstanding impact globally.

Established in 2015 in New Jersey, USA, the AEAUSA also celebrates, supports and uplifts artists that are associated with African Entertainment from around the world and has in its seven years of existence carved a major niche for itself in the international entertainment scene.

Founded as a non-profit organization, the wave-making platform strives to showcase a united, self-sufficient and potentially great continent that is on the way to resolving its issues.

Mr. Tamin, the youthful driver of the vision, intends to unify Africa through identification and celebration of African stars that are positively impacting the world.

He intends to use this platform to address issues affecting African communities all over the world with the aim of bringing about desired social change.

Already, the hybrid Awards (Virtual and onsite) that are broadcast to a huge worldwide audience has grown to become the most qualitative and best subscribed African Award Show in the United States and, indeed, across the world.

Top stars and leaders from the African continent and beyond have already been identified and celebrated in a big way and the Show has just started. With a promise to get better each year, in terms of content, creativity, packaging, quality production, spectacular and diverse performances, AEAUSA also rolls out amazing Hosts and Hostesses each year.

Added to the very significant increase in its global viewership and followership, believed to be in millions, the Award is already gaining global media attention, especially after the uproar that followed the conferment of Afro Latino Artist of the Year Award on mega star, J Balvin.

The swift and professional response to the matter by Mr. Tamin, who explained to the world that the nomination of J Balvin for the Afro Latino Category was in recognition of his contribution to Afrobeat music and entertainment in general added value to the AEAUSA brand , especially  with the renaming of the category as the Best Latin Artist of the Year, and with the explanation that “The Best Latin Artist” category is for any artist based in Latin America that is contributing to African culture especially through globalization of the Afro-beat sound.

The growing popularity of the AEAUSA has made it a preferred platform for sponsors and advertisers who have realized the mileage they stand to gain by associating with this huge new product both on Instagram, Website, YouTube and other social media handles.

The well packaged AEAUSA shows are still being streamed by people who are super excited about the variety and excellence the Show represents.

With its mission as “Moving Forward Together; Creating a Better Future,” the coming sessions of the Award are sure to take the world by storm and anyone who misses the exciting packages promised by the organizers, including sponsors and advertisers, would certainly have lost a lot!!

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