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Prof. Nwala, ADF President

Alaigbo Development Foundation cautions against boycott, disruption of Anambra guber polls

Prof. Nwala, ADF President

A group, Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) has urged the Anambra state electorate not to boycott the governorship election slated for Saturday, November 6, 2021 but to go out on election day and cast their votes for those they “believe can stand for and by us!”

A statement by the group’s President, Prof. Uzodinma Nwala, which also counselled against disruption of the election stressed that the sit-at-home should not continue to be enforced but be made voluntary since boycotting or disruption of the election and sit-at-home would all work against the best interests of Ndigbo.

Noting that ADF is for the release of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from detention, the statement cautioned against the reign of anarchy in the land, stressing that a boycott or disruption of Saturday’s poll would provide opportunity for the wrong candidate to be declared winner or for an administrator to be installed if election did not hold.

Full text of the statement reads:

The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) once again hereby states unequivocally our opposition to the boycott of the November 2021 Anambra State Election as being canvassed in some quarters.

Boycotting it means providing opportunity for the candidate of the enemy to be declared winner or to impose the enemy’s candidate as the Administrator of Anambra State if there is no election.

Yes, they are determined to rig the election no matter what we do. But it is better for the world to be told that they rigged the election than to be told that we boycotted the election and thereby provided them the opportunity to seize political power in Anambra State.

As for the Sit-At-Home said to have been declared by some pro-Biafra organizations, ADF has always held the view that you do not force any person to vote or not to vote. Exercise of franchise (the right to vote) is a voluntary right of any normal human being. That right cannot be enforced one way or the other, not even under a dictatorship.

Anybody enforcing Sit-at home is doing so to divide our ranks, to weaken our economy, to promote anarchy and make us easily vulnerable. No sane son or daughter of Alaigbo wants the enemy to have his way; that is to say, to conquer us. No sane son or daughter of Alaigbo would put us in harm’s way and promote the conquest of Alaigbo either by military might or through promotion of anarchy in Alaigbo.

We are aware that the enemy is doing all he can to promote anarchy in Alaigbo in order to scare away our businessmen as well as foreign investors. A good deal of the killings, the horrors and anarchy in Alaigbo today is promoted by the enemy and their allies in our midst. Our duty is to expose them and not to join them in promoting anarchy and making life doubly miserable for our already emasculated people.

If, as we all seem to agree, that there should be no enforced Sit-at-home. Our duty is to be in the streets countering anyone enforcing the Sit-at-home with our placards. It is true, as many have said, that the enemy who is armed to the teeth is parading our roads, streets and markets, killing our youths no matter what they say or do.

ADF has always declared our right of self-defense. That right is inalienable.

Yes, Alaigbo is currently under siege. The enemy is in dire haste to overrun and seize our land or make it ungovernable. Our duty is to prevent this by all means possible.

But in doing this we must not play into the hands of the enemy. We must not divide our ranks, nor recklessly join in killing our youths.

Yes there are those among us who are serving the enemy. We know them.
But to say that all political leaders, all traditional rulers, all religious leaders, all intellectuals, etc, are enemies or are of no use, is to tactlessly divide our ranks and play into the hands of the enemy.

ADF is aware that there are those in our midst including some politicians, some traditional rulers, some clergy and some intellectuals and women whom we all, including the bulk of our youth respect. If we don’t listen to them now or if we publicly embarrass them, who then are we going to respect or listen to! If nobody is good enough to deserve our respect, then we are saying that we all are anarchists.

It is to the joy and advantage of the enemy to have a situation whereby the youth and activists of Alaigbo do not listen to anybody. That is a situation of generalized anarchy. This is the worst thing that can happen to a people surrounded by the enemy.

No! we must not allow this to happen to us at this critical time.

The Alaigbo Development Foundation (ADF) calls on our people in Anambra State, saying –
Let us go and cast our vote for those we believe can stand for and by us!
Let us not disrupt the Anambra election.
Let us not continue to enforce Sit-At-Home, nor should we disturb those who on their own desire to stay at home.
Sit-At-Home must be Voluntary!
Let Election and Sit-At-Home be Voluntary.

The Autonomous Republic we yearn for is one to be governed by the rule of law, discipline and brotherhood!
Lat us not destroy our economy.

Because of the prevailing anarchy in our land many of our business men are relocating to the NORTH and the WEST or even abroad. Who is the loser? ALAIGBO!

That is what the enemy wants to achieve – to destroy our economy, the main stay of our survival.

Those of our people abroad, please join us in reviving our economy which the enemy has ruined. Join us to promote the AKURUO ULO Movement, to prevent hunger, to empower the youth, to protect our farms and communities and to protect our women and daughters and our people in general!

Finally ADF is one with you is insisting that our son and brother Nnamdi Kanu must be released and freed from the enemy’s bondage.

ADF was the first pan-Igbo organization to visit Nnamdi Kanu and his colleagues when they were in Kuje Prison. ADF was the first pan-Igbo organization to speak and condemn his illegal abduction and deportation to Nigeria. ADF is at the moment joining other well-meaning patriots in seeking a political solution for his release,

As for the thousands of our innocent youths, men and women currently being killed or maimed by the enemy, we shall never forget! The Day of Atonement will surely come. God willing! We shall be Free, Strong and Respected within the Committee of Nations!


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