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Beware of Jonah! By Bola Bolawole

David Lyon, Governor-Elect of Bayelsa

You will not enter the same boat with Jonah. Biblical Jonah is the proverbial bad market that the Yoruba call “alakoba”. He enters the boat of winners and immediately and automatically makes them losers. He turns the innocent to the guilty. The Bayelsa APC governorship candidate is an “alakoba” par excellence. He it was who kobalized the APC governorship candidate. May you never team up with those whose head have refused prayer and rejected promotion. Such people make anyone who is predestined to be king to turn into “Soroye”; see the crown, feel it but never wear it. They make someone feel the aroma of the delicious food, salivate as one watches how the table has been tastefully and decoratively laid out but never allows the person to taste the food or have a single bite. The “alakoba” allows a man to wash his hands but never to dip the hands into the steaming pot of soup garnished with assorted meat. May the good Lord separate us from them with fire. May our paths never cross theirs. When we embark on the journey of success and breakthroughs, may they still be in bed sleeping and snoring. There was one such near incident in the defunct Western region when a man nearly became premier but never did. There was also the case of Omoboriowo in old Ondo State who nearly became governor but never did. If only the APC governor-elect had tasted the office for just one day, his name would have gone down in history as former governor and he would have enjoyed all the mouthwatering perquisites of office and his wife, too, would have tasted being first lady. But now, not to be so! May this kind of bad lucky never be our portion. Say a loud Amen!

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