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Buhari not responsible for nation’s woes — Okunbo

President Buhari
President Buhari


A prominent businessman in Edo State, Capt. Hosa Okunbo (rtd), has said that fight against corruption of the President Mohammed Buhari administration was in order, as, according to him, ‘those entrusted with leadership position had used such positions to corruptly enrich themselves.’

Okunbo, who stated this shortly after being conferred with an award by his alma mater, the Federal Government College Warri, Delta State, expressed regret that ‘these leaders that have been found unworthy to serve the country, have failed their generation and humanity as well.’

He explained that the ‘generation’s failure stem from the fact that they have failed to give back to the society that have given them so much,’ even as noted that ‘it was the harm done to the country by these leaders that President Buhari is trying to clear today.’

“Like I said, our generation, between 55 and 60 years, I can tell you that we have failed the nation.

“Those of us that were so privileged to go to school like that, that the state has given much to in our upbringing, unfortunately, those of us who chose to serve this country, we could not give anything back to the country. It is very sad.

“It is sad that those that chose to serve became a disappointment.

“I call it a failed generation and that is why we can have a man who retired as a young adult and comes back today using horse whip on us at 60 because we failed to serve this country well.

“I see Gen. Buhari as a man who started business at the age of 21 and when he got to 45, his children told him, father go take a rest we can make this business work.

“But unfortunately, at 73, he is been called back to repair the business he left at 45, of course he will be an angry man to see a rotten business that was doing  well when he left it.

“That is exactly the situation Buhari is today. He is an angry man and we should allow him to be angry because he has the right to be angry because of the rot that he has met.

“It is very unfortunate that this country can be going through what she is going through right now.

“I will tell you that Gen. Buhari is not responsible for what the country is going through right now, it is what has happened over the years.

“This is that failure I told you that our generation that took the decision to serve, could not be found worthy to serve this country. They were busy acquiring things they never needed with the peoples wealth.

“If you notice, I have supported politicians for the past sixteen years, I have never been tempted to run for an office because I know it is not my calling. I love money, I love business and I work hard for it. I sweat for every dime I earn, so I wouldn’t be tempted to go and serve and steal.  If you want to serve, you serve and if it is business, you do business and leave public office.

“You can’t serve and at the same time take our business from us. That is the corruption we are talking about. People that were supposed to serve started using their own companies without doing the business and those of us with the structures to do the business were never considered.

“Some of us were even owned several months after doing the job while those who never did the jobs were paid 100 percent of the jobs that was never done,” Okunbo said.

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