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Possible effects of false prophecies in people’s lives By Rev. Fr. Peter Iwuala

Today, practically everyone is called by God to be a prophet. Prophetic preaching has a propensity to spiritualize the aspects of religion that are still unfulfilled. Eschatology, which is concerned with the end times, and apocalyptic literature, which describes God’s intervention in history alongside dramatic, catastrophic events, both have their …

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Engaging Nigerien Military President is like having sex with someone you hate By Azu Ishiekwene

A good number of people, including me, seem opposed to Nigeria leading the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to war in Niger. In one of the most telling anti-war metaphors, a Nigerian columnist and Editor, Lasisi Olagunju, likened military intervention to rubbing buttocks with the porcupine.  Doves everywhere …

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Niger Coup: On Russian mercenaries, NATO forces and looming proxy wars in ECOWAS By Yushau A. Shuaib

The hurriedly declared resolution of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to deploy troops to restore democracy and reinstate the ousted President Mohamed Bazoum of Niger Republic, after the military takeover of power on the 26th of July, might have been influenced by the need to avoid foreign …

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Seventy-six days of APC government: From darkness to gross darkness! By Balogun Akin Osuntokun

After over seventy-six days in office, what are Nigerians getting and how are they faring: unplanned and ill-thought removal of fuel subsidy and unification of exchange rates; uncoordinated and confusing policy announcements; exponential increase in the prices of all goods and services especially food and other basic consumables; decline in …

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