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Crucial Conference on Emerging Global Alliances and their Impact on Africa holds Saturday, Sept. 16 (See Zoom link below)

In the light of new realities on the international scene, especially as it concerns the African continent, a crucial Symposium with the theme, “Emerging Global Alliances and their Impact on Africa” will hold on Saturday, September 16, 2023 from 11:00 – 13:30 (EST/EDT).

The inaugural International Conference of the African Diaspora Congress (ADC), the African Diaspora Congress Conference 2023, has a line up of Distinguished Speakers ready to dissect the seemingly complex situation where, for instance, some African countries are striving to kick France out of the continent while other developed nations of the world are scheming to take their place and become dominant powers wielding influence in the the affected countries.

The Key Speakers for this virtual International Conference include Prof. Raphael Njoku, Director of Global Studies, Idaho State University, USA, Prof. Apollos Nwauwa, Secretary General of ADC and Dr. Aimable-Andre Dufatanye, Director of the Governance Council of ADC. Others experts expected to participate actively in the discourse are Dr. Andrews Nkansah, Under-Secretary General of ADC and Dr. Emmanuel Ndahayo, Director of ADC Europe.

Key topics for discussion at the Conference that promises to point the way forward for the African continent in terms of a robust response to the new realities are:

  • The Emerging Global Alliances and Their Impacts on Africa
  • The Evolution of Pan-Africanism as a Consciousness and a Movement
  • Pan-Africanism and Ubuntu Philosophy
  • Internal and External Factors Undermining Pan-Africanism
  • African Diaspora and Pan-Africanism.

All Africans in the mother Continent as well as those in the Diaspora, all African Americans and peoples of other races that have the interest of Africa and Africans at heart are expected to log into this historic interactive International Conference.

The ZOOM Details are:

Meeting ID: 833 3632 1839

Passcode: 04973o.



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