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If you are someone who values time, there is no doubt that you absolutely hate spending time in the bank. This is quite understandable as banks drain patience, mental strength, and time. 

Digital banks were created to combat that problem. The whole idea behind digital banks is to make it possible for you to bank from the comfort of your home. In theory, it sounds splendid. However, we are forced to wonder; are digital banks really worth it?

To get the best answer, we rounded up several digital banks and put them to the test. Here is what we have to say about digital banks.


They actually save time

Digital banks actually save time. In less than thirty minutes, you could have downloaded the app, opened the bank account, and even deposited money in it.  In a physical bank, in thirty minutes, you’d still be on the queue. They actually save time and this makes them doubly attractive to busy persona who do not have time to waste at banks. 

They offer better customer service 

Due to the fact that customers are only attended to online, we have found that digital banks actually offer better customer service than physical banks. Customer service operators are not interested in wasting your time either. It is easy to give reviews that actually count.

They offer new and trendy features

Digital banks are interested in offering customers new and trendy ways to operate.  This makes them load their apps with new and trendy features that make banking a whole lot easier such as bill sharing. 

Complaints actually get solved faster

Due to the fact that the customer service officials are based online, we found that complaints actually get solved faster. You do not have to wait for months to get feedback from your bank. It is really much easier. 


ATM cards

Most digital banks do not offer ATM cards. Due to the fact that Nigeria is not yet cashless, an ATM is quite essential. However, most people have more than one bank so the problem is easily solved. 


Transfer fees

A lot of digital banks feature expensive transfer charges. It was this one feature that made it too easy to pick the best digital bank app as our top pick offer extremely low transfer charges. 



Having considered, the best and the worst, it is undisputed that the best digital bank In Nigeria is gomoney 

Why gomoney digital bank app?


gomoney is a fast bank. It is so pleasing how you can do everything quickly. For once, it looks as though a bank understands that we do not have all day to spend.  


On gomoney, transfers cost only ₦8.5. This is quite cheap when you consider what other banks charge.,


Gomoney offers a lot of trendy features such as splitting bills, calculating amount spent, charts of outflow and inflow, etc


Gomoney also offers amazing customer service. It is rather easy to bank with Gomoney. If you aren’t already, open an account today to enjoy all these and more.

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