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Enyi-Nwanne Exclusive Ladies of New Jersey’s End of Year Party

L-R Dr. Nkechi Nwafili, Lolo Blessing Chimezie, Dr. Stella Korieocha, Lady Lolo Franca Atubi, Dr. Linda Okoro, Sir Clem Eze, Multiple Chief Kelechi Onyegbule and wife Oby, Chief Erinma Ihe and Dr. Christie Ikwuegbu

L-R Ada Nwafor( Akwugo-Ogama Asa -Aru) Adorable Fashions, Dr. Linda Okoro, Lolo Lady Onukwugha, Mrs. Gladys Oparanozie, a member, Lady Lolo Franca Atubi, Mrs Nnenna Ugoaru, Mrs Onyekwere, Lolo Chinyere (Chioma) Udechukwu, Lady Chizoba Uba, Nneka Ogbonna, Lolo Lady Angie Akparanta and Pastor Nora Chijioke.

L-R Dr. Nwafili, Chief Erinma Ihe, Lady Lolo Franca Atubi, Dr. Linda Okoro, Dr. Mrs. Christy Ikwuegbu and Ms Ogoo Anukwu (Sofisticat).
Exclusive Husbands all: L-R Hon Elliot Isibor, Hon Ike Nwafili, Engr Nnanna Okoro, Ikeanyionwu, Arch Linus Korieocha, Hon. Sir Charles Eluwa, Hon Richard Churchill Ikwuegbu.
Exclusive Husbands

Hon Ike Nwafili, Dr. Nkechi Nwafili and Jenifer Egenasi

Sir Clem Eze and Chief Pauly Uba

Lady Lolo Franca Atubi, Mrs. Egenasi and Dr. Linda Okoro

Chief Sir Omo Rantas, Lady Lolo Atubi and Lady Lolo Angie Rantas Akparanta
L-R Lolo Maureen Ogbuehi, Multiple Chief Kelechi Onyegbule and wife Oby Onyegbule
L-R, Tony & Nnenna Ugoaru, Mr. & Mrs. Onyekwere, Hon. Chief Sir Omo Rantas Akparanta and Lolo Lady Angie Akparanta.
Dr. Linda Okoro and husband, Engr. Nnanna Okoro on the dance floor.
Nze Alphonsus Egenasi and his wife, Lolo Roseline Egenasi at the event
Arch. Sir Linus Korieocha & wife, Dr. Mrs Stella Ngozi Korieocha
Hon. Elliot Isibor and his wife, Mrs Rachel Isibor
High Chief Onukwugha and his wife, Lolo Clara Onukwugha
Sisters all: R-L Eziada Caroline Onyesonwu Ibezim, Dr. Mrs Stella Ngozi Korieocha & Lolo Maureen Ogbuehi

L-R Arch. Sir Linus Korieocha, his wife, Dr. Mrs Stella Ngozi Korieocha, Eziada Caroline Onyesonwu and Mr. George Ibe

Engr Nnanna & wife Dr. Linda Okoro
Chief Tony Udechukwu and his wife, Lolo Chinyere Udechukwu showing off some dance steps

The Enyi-Nwanne Exclusive Ladies, LLC of New Jersey, United States, aka Exclusive Ladies, their husbands and guests had a great time on Friday, November 2, 2018.

The occasion was their End of Year Party 2018 and it was, indeed, a time of great joy for all that gathered at the Clinton Manor, 2735 US-22 Union, NJ 07083 venue of the event on that memorable evening.

There were plenty of laughs, abundance of good food and drinks and scintillating dance steps when it was time to hit the dancing floor.

The President of the group, Lolo Franca Atubi, the Secretary, Lolo Chinyere Udechukwu and other members of the Executive Committee – Lady Chizoba Uba (Financial Secretary), Lolo Clara Onukwugha (Treasurer), Mrs Martina Ikeanyionwu and Lolo Blessing Chimezie (Social Directors), Ms Ogoo Anukwu (Provost) and Dr. Christina Ikwuegbu (Agent) were all on hand to ensure a flawless program.

Expectedly, the Founders of Enyi-Nwanne Exclusive Ladies – Dr. Nkechi H. Nwafili (Founder President), Dr. Christy Ikwuegbu (Founder Secretary, Agent), Dr. Stella Korieocha (Founder), Chief Erinma Ihe (Founder), Mrs Blessing Chimezie (Founder) and Dr. Linda Okoro (Founder) were out in their best , full of joy that the baby they birthed about 9 years ago, the dream that resulted in the first meeting of the group on January 9, 2009, has blossomed into a formidable

L-R Dr. Mrs Ugochi Abazie & Lolo Maureen Ogbuehi
Hon. Alloy Amechi & his wife, Mrs Grace Amechi with their daughter, Michelle

Dr. Mrs. Stella Korieocha saying the closing prayers

assemblage of pace-setters who are focused on their mission of promotion of friendship, hospitality, trust, freedom of expression, commitment, mutual respect and total  support for members of the group.

Their husbands, aptly referred to as “Exclusive Husbands,” have stood solidly with them and were out in their best suits for the party.

In all, it was a night of many fond memories and all who attended must, already, be looking forward to next year’s event.

Pictures here show some of the gorgeous ‘Exclusive Ladies,’ their handsome ‘Exclusive Husbands,’ and their guests at the program.

(Please click on pictures for full view).

Chief Erinma Ihe and Dr. Linda Okoro
Lady Lolo Atubi and Dr. Linda Okoro
DJ Topaz on duty

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