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Ex-Gov. Idris preaches peace, national unity

Ex-Gov. Idris

By Muhammad Nasir

Sokoto, April 5, 2021

Alhaji Ibrahim Idris, former Governor of Kogi, has called on Nigerians to sustain unity and peaceful coexistence as fought by the nation’s founding fathers.

Idris, who was among the 20 dignitaries turbaned on Sunday with the famous traditional title of Jekadan Sokoto by Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar III, made the appeal while speaking to newsmen on Monday in Sokoto.

The former Governor emphasised that Nigerians should embrace one another irrespective of religion, political or ethnic background to sustain the tempo of the country’s greatness.

“We all need to be honest and trust each other as a nation with different religions, tribes or ethnic backgrounds for us to achieve our desired development.

“Therefore, all of us must take the responsibility of our country with sincerity and dedication in order to successfully prefer the best Nigeria for the future generations,” he said.

On his new title, Idris assured to live up to expectation, stressing that the new cap had added responsibility for the caliphate and humanity.

He described the Sultan as a truthful citizen who carefully followed the footsteps of his fore fathers.

According to him, being a title holder of the caliphate is a great opportunity to serve the entire humanity, “as such, I promise to take the full responsibility as an Ambassador of the caliphate by working hard for the development of the country.

“I am a Kogi born citizen and today a title holder of the Caliphate. This simply shows how hospitable, friendly and true Nigerians the people of Sokoto State are.

“My relationship with Sokoto began with my early days as a furniture factory owner. But as you can see today I am a title holder of the Caliphate. Surely I cannot quantify my bond of relationship with Sokoto,” he added.

He explained that as an entrepreneur conducting businesses in the old Sokoto state, he once benefited with government loan scheme of 450 Pounds which had greatly assisted him on his chain of businesses.

Idris added that such loan consideration in spite of his origin had manifested the liberal and true hospitable nature of Sokoto people.

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