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Families groan as power outage, flood water overwhelm New Jersey residents


Snow in New Jersey

Families are counting the cost of the floods, snow and power outage that have overwhelmed parts of the United States of America in the past few days.

Flood water

In New Jersey, for instance, many homes and offices are still without electricity supply following the disruption of electric power supply as a result of trees that fell and cut power lines.

Some people are also said to have lost their lives, especially through electrocution caused by the downed live power lines.

Many of the homes and offices are still battling with flood water that poured in following the rains and destroyed property worth millions of dollars.

Many basements are still flooded, with the residents and homeowners busy pumping out flood water, a source told this medium.

Many of those without electric power in their homes have relocated to hotels and one of those affected told Global Patriot Newspapers that they had a challenge getting a place to stay as many of the hotels in Northern New Jersey were fully booked as a result of the number of people that were displaced by the flood and power outage caused by trees that fell on the power lines.

Government officials in the city are said to be overstretched as a result of the number of trees they have had to cut and move out of the way and the number of power lines that have to be fixed.

The insurance companies also have their hands full, but many of those in the Springfield area that say they have been told that they would remain without power till Wednesday next week are already making arrangements to get generators to try to get their homes energized and at least warm, especially considering the snow and cold weather.

Those affected are appealing to the authorities to act faster to redress the distressing situation.


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