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Femi Adesina visits the Okosuns

Special Adviser to President President Muhammadu Buhari visited the family of late Oziddi King, Sonny Okosuns in Lagos recently and wrote these moving lines.

Oziddi King, Sonny Okosuns, was my good friend. I felt the loss keenly when he passed away 10 years ago.
On a flying visit to Lagos, I stopped by to see the family of my late friend. I was warmly received by Omono, the widow, Charles and Iwa, the brothers. It was a poignant time, as they unfolded plans to mark the 10th anniversary of the death of the music maestro/evangelist. Sleep well, Sonny, till the day of the Great Awakening.
“Wake up from your slumber
Put on your clothes, put on your shoes,
Wake up from your slumber, don’t be a drag…
Happy days will come..”
Yes, as Okosuns sang, happy days will come

Femi Adesina with the Okosuns

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