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Global ‘Drum for Freedom’ campaign begins Monday, April 8, 2024

A global drumming campaign will commence on Monday, April 8, 2024 on the 220th Anniversary of the Freedom Proclamation by then Governor General Jean Jacques Dessalines to the inhabitants of Hayti (Haiti).

On that day, 220 years on Monday, April 8, Janjak Desalin (Jean Jacques Dessalines) made the historic Liberty or Death Proclamation, April 8, 1804, stating: “Never again shall a colonist or a European set his foot upon this territory with the title of master or proprietor….This resolution shall henceforward form the fundamental basis of our constitution.”

The “Drum for Freedom” campaign is calling for millions of drummers from around the world to begin drumming on Monday, April 8, 2024 from 12 noon (EST), 11am (CST), 9am (Pacific), 4pm (Ghana), and 6pm (Kinshasa).

The focus of the “drumming for revolution” includes to agitate for an end to foreign intervention in the internal affairs of presently troubled Haiti; for a shut down of the Louisiana State Penitentiary in the United States of America (USA) also known as Angola Prison, and for an end to inhumane genocidal conditions, including “the genocide in Congo by Western imperialists.”

The “Free Haiti, free Congo, free Africa,” movement is also starting on a day when there will be total solar eclipse, and is intended to “call in the Ancestors” to intervene.



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