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Gombe State University faces exodus of lecturers

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  1. sulaiman mohammed

    We are some of the TET-Fund Ph.D and Master scholars sent by our various Institutions in Nigeria to study in Malaysia, SA, UK, while others within Nigeria. With the approval of our university/CoE/FCE/Polytechnics etc and after being acknowledged for TET-Fund sponsorship, we enrolled for research programmes in 2014/2015. We are disappointed to see that despite numerous requests, payment for the scholarship by TET-Fund Education Scheme has still not been received. For almost three (3) years now, our accounts have never been paid N1 and we have been on self-sponsorship.

    In recent times, some reports claimed that the new Executive of TET-Fund Education Scheme consider our applications as rejected and billeted after these odd years. In fact, our university of study is among the ones selected by the TETFUND. With complicity, our institution management remained silent, others are careless over this issue. We are not aware of any disputes or reason for non-payment, therefore we would respectfully remind them (Institutions and TET-Fund) through this medium that they have exceeded the terms for these outstanding amounts and we would be grateful to receive our remittance as soon as possible.

    Considering the current devaluation of the Naira, we are stranded with no funding for school fees and personal upkeep.
    Please, assist us by sharing this information until it reaches the higher authority. If we were to remain silent, we would be guilty of complicity.
    Thank you for your help

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