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Hairstyle for the week: Using rollers to create natural curls


Sometimes fixing hair extensions and attachments can be really bothersome especially after a long, hard and stressful week. It’s always exhausting to make an effort to get to the hairstylist for a hair-do for the next day especially when we have one occasion to attend and we must represent. You don’t need a stylist because you can do it yourself or get a family member to help you out if you will, and it’s all in the comfort of your own home.

Using rollers is best to achieve the perfect simple gorgeous hairstyle plus you can dress it up or down since it’s versatile. Whether you have long natural hair or short hair all that matters is getting the right rollers for your hair length and weight, it’s also important to know that rollers hairstyles are heat-less and should be done overnight that way you get the best effect. Below are some tips you can follow to achieve simple curls.

Step one
So step one is really easy, all you have to do is make sure to start the rollers process on time, this is so as to make sure you have enough hair dry space (blow dry). Also use less of each product, use a lighter gel.

Step Two


Getting the right products to use for your rollers curls is very important. For the right rollers hairstyle get; anti-frizz serum, grape-seed oil (if you can ) or olive and coconut oil, sleek edge control, styles gel (white referable ) and water also don’t forget the rods either rollers or flexi.

Step Three
Now let’s get started:

1. Separate your hair into sections; brush it to even it out.
2. Spray your hair with water, do not wet it, spray enough to make your hair even out and then straighten it out with a brush.
3. Follow up with some grape seed oil or coconut oil to allow moisture.
4. Then add your anti frizz or Shea moisture to add more moisture.
5. Next is to comb it out and add your styling gel and roll with the rollers.


6. Once you have done with step 1-5 throughout your hair then you cover it up with a bonnet and sleep.
7. Make sure your hair is completely dry before you take off the rod. Then you separate and twirl if you like and the jazz it up with temporary hair colour and style it in an up-do manner or any manner you want.

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