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I’ll address insecurity in Nigeria if elected, …Female presidential aspirant

Prof. Mercy Olufunmilayo Adesanya-Davies
David Amusa, Port Harcourt

A presidential aspirant under the auspices of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Princess Fumilayo Mercy Adesanya-Davies has said that if voted into power, she will address insecurity and reduce it to the barest minimum.

Speaking to Global Patriot in an interview in Port Harcourt, she said as a woman and a mother that she was irked by the incessant killings in Nigeria, which had not perturbed the leaders probably because they are men and did not feel the pains of labour and deliverance of babies that are killed with reckless abandon.

“You go to Benue State; you see the level of killing that is taking place there. It is quite disturbing. I feel the current problem of Nigeria will need a rescue from the women. I think we are ready for it. Except somebody who was not born by a woman; a child who has not breast-fed will not be advised by a woman to say stop killing yourself in a feminine way and this level of insecurity will continue in the nation”.

She stated that under her watch as the President of Nigeria, she would tackle insecurity headlong and culprits involved in the incessant killings would be brought to book.

On what motivated her to aspire to the presidency, Dr. Adesanya-Davies said that past leaders have not been getting it right.

She stated that she was displeased with what she saw around her.

“My driving factor is that I have been a lecturer for years in the University. Precisely this year, I would have lectured for 30 years. And each time I look at my students in class, I’m just like, what is the next level? What does posterity have for these children; these teeming youths? What does posterity have for the unborn generation? Am I pleased with the state of affairs in the nation? Am I pleased with the state of the economy and deteriorating state of things generally? The answer is no. Then, there is a need to help. So, my vision as a technocrat and academic is to see what I can put into the society”.

On her chances of winning, Dr. Adesanya-Davies said that women have not been given opportunity to rule in Nigeria and that in Liberia, former President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson did so well.

She further stated that Nigerians should give women a chance particularly herself.

“I lie down on my bed. I put my head on my table and I actually ask myself, are Nigerians ready for a female president the way we had it in Liberia? I feel the so much effort Hillary Clinton had put into the last election campaign in America should at least encourage Nigerians that this time around, a woman should be encouraged to put in the same kind of effort that was put in America to be able to win the election. Looking at it from another dimension, I also don’t feel my problem is Nigeria because the ticket I want to use is Nigeria’s ticket. Ask me how it is Nigeria’s ticket? To pick a form to contest presidency is N10million but the constitution says for women, it is free. So, Nigeria is already sponsoring me with a N10 million by saying to me, mother come. That is encouraging enough”, she said.

The aspirant also said that the zoning structure of PDP is in her favour, pointing out that she is from the north and precisely Kwara state, which she stated is a plus.

Speaking further, Dr. Adesanya-Davies who is a lecturer in the department of Linguistics and Communication Arts at Ignatius Ajuru University of Education, Rumorlumeni, Rivers state, frowned at the requirement in the past where people ought to resign in order to contest elections, stating that such is not fair to civil servants and those who are not money bags or business men and women.

“In the past, civil servants, academia, all of us are not even supposed to be part of the system. We are only entitled to voters’ card. We are not entitled to party membership. But thank God for the case in Abuja that was won. Civil servants can now be members of parties and card carrying members. That means, we are now free to contest elections. But then, when you have a case won like that in the Court of Appeal, you should be able to detail out the conditions on which individuals could now apply so that instead of the usual contestant for every elective position in the country should now resign or retire from the job. I advocated in my last paper published that civil servants should not retire, resign, withdraw in the sense of you are out of service but to be able to take a leave of absence for final election; an annual leave for primary election; a sabbatical leave if you are in the academia for both your primary and final elections”.

She stated that the reason why Nigerian politics is a do or die game is because of the resignation.

The lecturer explained that if one knows he will get back to his work, he will imbibe the spirit of sportsmanship but, if he or she had lost his or her job, she will insist on getting the position because he or she could not afford to be jobless.

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