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United Nations Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Amina Mohammed and others dignitaries at the exhibition

International Exhibition, “Disasters Are Not Natural,” holds in New York; UNDSG, Nigeria’s Amina Mohammed, attends

 A Reception and Exhibition Launch was organized by the United Nations (UN) Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), on the occasion of the High-Level Meeting on the Midterm Review of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 which held 18-19 May 2023.

With the theme, “Disasters Are Not Natural,” the program, which held on Thursday, May 18, 2023, at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, United States of America (USA), had the Deputy Secretary General of the United Nations (UN), Ms. Amina Mohammed representing the Secretary General, Antonio Guterres as Special Guest.

Ms. Mohammed, Heads of Delegations to the Meeting and other guests went round the exhibition of contemporary artworks and socially engaged art projects from around the world, put together, according to the UNDRR, “to highlight challenges and solutions related to disaster risk reduction (DRR).”

The UNDRR said further that the exhibition is also “to invite visitors to think about the individual and collective actions we need to take to get back on track,” as well as how “a world where disaster risks no longer threaten the well-being of people and the future of the planet” can be ensured.

The exhibition is split into three parts and features world-class artists, Lars Jan, Chris Wainwright, Sidney Regis, Din Muhammad Shibly and Veejay Villafranca in the part; Søren Dahlgaard, Eve Mosher, Common Room – Arum Dayu and Yoyo Yogasmana in the second part; and Firoz Mahmud, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and Mary Mattingly in the third category.

Pictures here are by JOHN OKO NYAKU at the UN

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