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Lagos PDP factional Chairman slams Bode George; Explains party’s electoral losses

Otunba Segun Adewale Aeroland
Chief Bode George

Robert Awokuse

The factional chairman of Lagos Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Otunba Segun Adewale aka Aeroland, has taken a swipe at former Deputy National Chairman of the party, Chief Bode George and explained why the party always performed woefully in governorship elections in the state.

Adewale, who is occupying the office a second time, attributed the party’s poor outings in governorship elections in the state to the activities of some of its leaders.

In a speech delivered at the General Assembly of the party held Tuesday, at the State Secretariat, Ikeja, Lagos, he lamented that some of the party’s leaders are not loyal to the party, but have secret alliances with the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC and its national leader, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

The chairman regretted the disappointments often recorded at every election due to what he described as the “heinous activities of some people parading themselves of leaders,” but commended the loyalty and dedication, of some of the party’s stalwarts.

“We always lose elections to the APC not because we are not capable of winning but because, some people have dealings to help Tinubu to hold Lagos PDP to ransom,” Adewale said.

“I am not in this struggle because I want to become the State Chairman at all cost. I am here because of our loyal and hard working party faithful who have remained steadfast but who get disappointed at every election cycle due to the heinous activities of some people parading themselves as leaders,” he said.




He urged the party members to reflect and speak truth to themselves about what has been going on in the party, and proffer solutions ahead of the journey to 2023.

The chairman further listed developments in the party leadership during his first stint, saying “I emerged the State Chairman in 2016 to oversee the affairs of the party for four years, which should ordinarily terminate in 2021. I stepped aside when there were some issues within the party, which does not amount to my resignation as the Chairman.

“Chief Bode George against the constitution, Section  46-48 unilaterally picked an Acting Chairman, Dr. Adegbola Dominic. Our constitution recognizes State Executive Committee or Congress as the only means of filling vacant positions or electing State officers but not by fiat as been carried out by Chief Bode George and his cohorts.

“Adegbola Dominic upon his resumption, instead of working to unite the party, began to appoint new Chairmen in all the Local Governments as against the authentic Chairmen recognized by the party. Same Adegbola and his master, Chief Bode George were the people who led our members to Labour Party during the council election and scored zero.

“After the last elections, at Chief Bode George’s residence, he was video and audio taped, telling their faction that they instructed their people to work against PDP because election funds was not handed over to them,” he stressed.

Adewale pointed out that what has kept agitating his mind was the fact that he was not sure if Chief Bode George and his cohorts were in the party for personal gains or for the party’s general interest.


“I want to ask you our great party members, if you are happy the way and manner this party is being run at every election cycle, at least you can testify to the fact that we always lose elections to the APC not because we are not capable of winning but because some people have dealings to help Tinubu to hold Lagos PDP to ransom.”

He recalled that in 2015, he won seven out of 10 local government areas in Lagos West, adding that the result facilitated victory for assembly members and House of Representatives.

He, however, lamented that the story in recent time has changed, attributing the negative change to the leadership problem in the state PDP.

“We cannot say the same today because of the kind of leadership we have in the State. This is the reason we have to think deeply, if we should move away from this set of leadership or should remain same.

“Charity they say begins at home. Chief Bode George and his brigades should display the election results in their Polling Units and Wards since 1999 till date, and let us see how many times they have won. Leadership is not by making mouth but by examples. To whom much is given much is expected.

“The few House of Representatives seats we struggled to win, two out of it, Surulere and Ajeromi Ifelodun are being dragged with us by the APC. The party or Chief Bode George has not uttered a statement or show concern over the matter; instead, they went to testify against our candidates in court just because they don’t want them to win. It is clear that they don’t want any victory for PDP in Lagos State because, they would rather not want any of us to contest the leadership position because that is what they are using to rake money into their pockets.

“We cannot continue to do the same thing same way and expect different results, dear members, let us all have a rethink. I want to win. I want to lead you to victory; we all need to achieve this together.”


Speaking on the way forward, he said: “As part of our reforms, we shall strengthen all our structures in all the 20 LGAs and 37 LCDAs. The youth and women shall be given more prominence in the party, our support groups and elders’ council members in our various LGAs shall be accorded their respective honors.

“I want all of us to work together for victory ahead of the 2023 elections. This is why I am asking all of us to come together as a team or should we follow the old part that has led us to failure at every election in Lagos?

“Now, the choice is ours to make, whether we want all our collective efforts to yield results in 2023 and beyond or remain as failure that we have been faced with since 1999.

“I want to state here that we don’t have any issues with all the authentic Chairmen in all the 20 LGAs and the other State Executive members. We are only against the illegal installment of Dr. Adegbola Dominic who was imposed on the party by Chief Bode George without following constitutional provisions. It is imperative to note that if they fail to adhere to the constitution, I also have the right to lay claim to the Chairmanship based on my 2016 letter of appointment, because no court or National Executive Committee has asked me not to be Chairman.

“We want to show them how politics should be played. It is not a matter of force or thuggery, it is about display of intellectual know how now. Those saying I move around with thugs are only telling lies. As a politician of note, who likes to carry people along, I move with our party members but they on the other side, have known thugs they use in tormenting our party members. We won’t go low like them. We would continue to do the right things that will advance the cause of our party.

“Lastly, I want to charge all members to remain peaceful in every local government, and continue to hold their regular LG and Ward meetings, if you have any challenge, your LG and Ward Chairmen should reach out to me.


“We are going to be victorious in this struggle to liberate Lagos PDP from those who don’t want it to progress. We are going to rebuild the party and make it a winning machine ahead of the 2023 elections.

“We are not only going to get involved in all the positive moves that will guarantee success for the party. We will also champion all the destiny changing initiatives that will propel Lagos PDP to the land of promise.”

He further charged the people to resist any directives from Bode George, stressing that the party belongs to all the members.

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