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Tracing evolution of the iro and buba style

The Yoruba traditional iro and buba style has been evolving for decades now from the use of aso-oke to lace to ankara now the new trend is to use sheer chiffon, Indian velvet, plain velvet, satin and multiple coloured silk materials. Below is a picture of how iro and buba were tied in the 1970s oleku style.

Iro and Buba
Iro and Buba

21st Century wedding styles

This gorgeous bride is on a complete Aso-oke iro and buba style. This beautiful green aso-oke iro and buba has flower petal patterns on it and it is paired with a mustard yellow aso-oke with green flower embroideries as head gear and shoulder scarf. the look is finished with a yellow flower necklace and earrings which she pairs with a yellow clutch and yellow metallic shoes.iro 3

This beautiful bride is on a pink and blue aso-oke fusion with a lace inspired Aso-oke design paired with a fuscia pink aso-oke head gear and shoulder wrap. she finishes up the look with a fuscia pink clutch and baby pink bead accessory.

Here we have this gorgeous bride pairing a fuscia pink lace buba and shimmering silver with pink embroidery iro (wrapper) which she pairs with a rose pink bead necklace with silver studded flower details baby pink clutch and baby pink shoes.

iro and buba
iro and buba
Iro and Buba Swag
Iro and Buba Swag

21st century Iro and Buba Aso-Ebi styles
Fashionista’s this days tie their iro and buba with swag (the knotted front style). Here are some amazing pictures that would inspire you.
This iro and buba is made out of flower and polka dot print chiffon for the iro which is tied in a swag and a plain sea green chiffon flared off-shoulder blouse which is worn with patent slippers and a black hand bag. the look is finished up with simple gold accessories.
This iro and buba style is in another dimension as the buba (blouse) is made out of tie and die inspired chiffon print made into a shirt with flared hands and a collar made out of a the saphire blue silk in which the iro was made out of. This ensemble is paired with a white strap sandal heel.
Here the buba style is long sleeved with a round neck and it is made out of flower patterned silk material, the same with the iro which is tied to the left hand form in a swag style. the look is finished up with gold neck and ear accessory and a gold and black strap sandal heel paired with the famous brown louis vuittton bag.
This iro and buba style is white french lace used for the buba and blue indian velvet used for the iro. the head gears are made out of wine aso-oke which is paired with wine bead necklace, wine shoes and wine bead bracelet.

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