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Hon. Obi Aguocha

Legislator commends Gov. Otti for revoking Tradermore Event Centre’s CofO

The member representing Ikwuano, Umuahia North and Umuahia South Federal Constituency in Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Hon. Obi Aguocha, has commended the Abia State government for revoking the Certificate of Occupancy (CofO) for the Tradermore Event Centre in Umuahia.

In a statement, Hon. Aguocha said that the decisive action, which is said to have been taken to address overriding public interest and the concerns of indigenous land owners, is in order especially given the government’s plan to repurpose the site for a multi-billion Naira terminal project, which promises to benefit the wider community and address the previously underutilized state of the property.

He hailed the courage of Governor Alex Otti in reclaiming the state property from “dubious private acquisition” and further highlighted the importance of the move as a step towards ensuring that public assets are utilized for the collective good of the people of the state.

The legislator also urged the governor to extend his bold and commendable approach to governance “to other state properties within the Umuahia Capital Authority that have been fraudulently acquired and allocated for individual use and benefit. By doing so, the administration can safeguard public interest and promote equitable development across the state.”

He equally drew the attention of the governor “to other indigenous lands illegally acquired, confiscated, and or, obtained by deceit, and without any compensations by previous governments for their selfish personal interest, to wit:

1. The back of the old Government House and its environment down to the back of Villa Roy Hotel Umuahia,
2. Forest Area behind Umuahia Sports Club,
3. Shoprite,
4. Old Timber Shade,
5. Old Cemetery, opposite Golden Guinea Brewery, and
6. Old Bicycle Repair to Down-below.”

He stressed that the government’s action concerning the Tradermore Event Centre “is a testament to the administration’s commitment to transparency, accountability, good governance, and the equitable distribution of Abia State assets and resources,” insisting that he is encouraged by the fact that “the Abia State Government remains dedicated to pursuing initiatives only that serve the collective and best interest of its citizens.”

Umuahia, he concluded, “is the state capital and has to grow beyond the myopic and selfish interests of the past.”



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