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Motorcycle ban: “Don’t put heavy yoke on Lagosians,” Labour Party tells Sanwo-Olu

Prince Ifagbemi Awamaridi

By Fabian Ekeruche

Lagos, Feb. 4, 2014

The Labour Party, Lagos State Chapter, on Tuesday asked the Lagos State Government (LASG) not to increase the suffering of Lagosians by the recent ban on motorcycles and tricycles in the state.

A statement signed by Prince Ifagbemi Awamaridi, Chairman of the party in Lagos said that the action of the LASG has brought sorrows, tears and gnashing of teeth to Lagosians.

“This is the message Sanwoolu and his co travelers are conveying to Lagosians through the so called ban on cycles in major parts of Lagos State.

“They have brought sorrow, tears and “gnashing of teeth” on Lagosians.

“They have decided to defend their “Pleasure Ticket” at the cost of the “Survival Ticket” of the “Self-helped” “government-abandoned” suffering, struggling masses of Lagos State.

“They have chosen to jettison compassion to the dust bin,” the statement said.

It noted that the state could boast of over 500,000 registered and unregistered cycles, which create jobs for over one million Lagosians, and survival for over 5 million Lagosians,

The party said that the motorcycles and tricycles cater for the transport needs of over 10 million Lagosians everyday, with over 20 million transactions daily.

“A self-created, self-employment measure originated by Lagosians who are at the “dead end” of poverty, probably left with the option of dying of poverty, surviving by crime or committing suicide.

“Instead of ameliorating the plight of these pitiable masses, and ultimately rehabilitate them, create dignifying employment, reduce unemployment and underemployment, the Cabal in Government is busy creating unemployment and stifling employment.

“No law can outlaw survival.

“This is why any responsible and responsive government will make laws that will make survival of the masses possible.

“In fact, it is easier not to make laws that make their survival possibility tend towards zero,” the statement said.

The party noted that the excuses offered by the government for the ban were a defense mechanism put together to evade responsibility. Labour said these excuses include:

“Lack of regard for Lagos Traffic laws by the okada and tricycle riders has resulted in preventable loss of lives”.

“From 2016 to 2019, there were over 10,000 accidents recorded at the General Hospitals.

“The total number of deaths from reported cases is over 600”.

“The rate of crimes aided by Okada and Keke keep rising. They are also used as getaway means by criminals.”

But according to the labour party, these excuses are confessional admittance by the government that it has abandoned it’s responsibilities all along.

“What has the government done to orientate cycle riders towards an optimal standard in Lagos State?

“Do you, for instance, say because there is a high rate of car accidents which result in many deaths, you ban cars from plying Lagos roads,? the statement queried.

The party appealed to the conscience of the Lagos government to rescind its decision, arguing that the ban was against the economic welfare of Lagosians and Lagos as a State.

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