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New petrol pump price: DPR seals 2 fuel stations in Bayelsa


The Bayelsa field office of Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) on Wednesday sealed two fuel stations for dispensing petrol above the new pump price of N125 per liter.

Federal Government had on March reduced the pump price from N145 to N125 per litre to reflect the fall in crude oil prices.

The pump price was on Tuesday night further reduced by 1.50k per litre to N123.50 per litre, but DPR officials at Bayelsa field office said that they were yet to receive directive on the latest review.

Speaking with newsmen after the surveillance exercise, Mr Geore Ene-Ita, Operations Controller of DPR, said that while one of the sanctioned stations sold petrol at the old price of N145, the second was shut for gross under dispensing.

Ene-Ita said that they are poised to enforce the new price of petrol by the federal government calculated to bring relief to Nigerians and have intensified surveillance patrols.

He said that DPR was working to ensure the availability of products despite the lockdown occasioned by the outbreak of the coronavirrus pandemic adding that marketers were being encouraged to maintain safety guidelines.

“We are working hard amidst the current challenges of this time of national emergency which cuts across international boundaries to ensure that petrol was available at approved pump prices.

“Our aim is to enforce the price reduction from N145 to N125 per litre and from our findings the rate of compliance is quite high in Bayelsa. Our attention is also on checking under-dispensing.

“We sanctioned some stations where some of their pumps under-dispensed by sealing the erring pumps and allowing the accurate pumps to dispense rather than outright shutdown to ensure product availability at this crucial time.

“In playing our regulatory role we shall not hesitate to wield the big stick by imposing appropriate sanctions on the erring pumps which is a fine of N100,000 per pump,” Ene-Ita said.


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