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New York, US based Academy poised to reverse imminent extinction of indigenous languages

Some of the dignitaries that attended the launch of the Mother Tongue Academy in New York last year

New York, United States of America, US-based organization, Mother Tongue Academy (MTA) is poised to reverse the identified gradual extinction of local Nigerian and other African languages.

The United Nations, UN, has identified the Igbo language and culture and some other indigenous languages and cultures as facing imminent extinction, but MTA, launched with much fanfare last year in New York, USA, is passionately working towards the revival of the teaching, learning and usage of some of these languages, especially by children and youths of Nigeria and other African countries, born or brought up in the diaspora.

The Founder and Chief Executive of the Academy is Mazi Ogbonna and he has put machinery in motion to get children to begin to learn and love the languages and cultures of their parents, so that these treasure troves are not lost forever through wholesale adoption of western languages, cultures and values.

Already, he has websites dedicated to the teaching and learning of some of these languages and cultures, including the flagship www.igbo1.com which has been launched, Yoruba Online, Swahili, and others ready to be launched soon.

These easy to use online platforms must be embraced by parents and their children for this new journey of rediscovery of the riches of the endangered indigenous languages and cultures.

The Academy deserves the support of all lovers of languages generally, especially indigenous languages and cultures while parents and guardians must begin to consciously steer their children and wards towards the desired renaissance that must come from the seeds being sown by Mazi Ogbonna.

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO, foundations, indigenous socio-cultural organizations, like Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Afenifere of the Yorubas and such other groups and individuals must identify with this Academy that is putting structures in place to return the people and future generations to their illustrious roots.

This should be done directly or indirectly, through funding and other forms of aid.

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