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Newspaper publisher on the run over libelous report

Pastor Bassey James

Dennis Udoma, Uyo

Police in Akwa Ibom are searching for the publisher of a local tabloid in Akwa Ibom, the Sermon Newspaper, Mr Bonny Nyong over an alleged libelous news story on the Southern Atlantic Polytechnic.

The story, titled, “2023: Insecurity, cultism bite deep in Akwa Ibom” is alleged to have described the institution as a den for criminals activities.

But the publisher and businessman, Nyong had already left office before police arrival around 3 pm the fateful Monday and thus escaped arrest.

Speaking from a hideout,, Nyong is said to have appealed to the police to release his staff members, and asked the school founder to use appropriate means to handle the matter.

But, the proprietor, Pastor Bassey James, in his reaction termed the publication wild and unprofessional.

He said that,”students are leaving my school because of your report, and you have successfully shut down my business which I laboured over the years to build and to support Akwa Ibom people.

“Today, I got a report from my admission officer of how parents are coming to remove their children. If you were there at the matriculation ceremony, you would have seen the event and the personalities that attended including the government representatives, senators, commissioners, Uruan local government chairman, but you decided to work in favour of your paymasters.

“Today. I have regretted my investment in Akwa Ibom State. I was kidnapped, attacked and now your paper finally shut down the business.”

He further stated that, after he has invested millions of Naira in establishing the school and empowered many people from Uruan, the only way to reward him was a negative story to destroy the school, yet nobody is saying anything.

How can we grow, how can we develop? Today parents are coming to withdraw their children from the school,this is painful yet nobody is saying anything because, the publisher is from Uruan local government.
James vowed to take legal action against the businessman unless he comes out to apologize in ten national newspapers to withdraw and renounce his story.

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