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Pandemic not yet over, Obi tells Nigerians •Calls on government to increase COVID-19 awareness

Mr. Peter Obi

Vice Presidential Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the last elections, Mr. Peter Obi, has called on Nigerians to remain vigilant and keep adhering to the COVID-19 safety protocols set by different health agencies. He noted that the coronavirus pandemic was not yet over and would hit the country hard if people paid deaf ears to COVID-19 guidelines.

Obi, who made this known through a press statement issued on Saturday, advised, amidst the lift on inter-state travel ban, that Nigerians should not think that the pandemic is already over. Obi warned that an attempt to throw cautions to the winds in this pandemic might have undesirable implications on the country. He explained that the lift on inter-state travel ban was only a measure taken by the Federal Government to ease the hardship on people whose source of livelihood depend on that and also to keep the economy alive.

The former Anambra State Governor maintained that social distancing and, when possible, staying indoors are still the safest preventive measures against the deadly virus. He advised that only those who really have needs to engage in inter-state travel should do so. He beckoned on travellers to always heed the COVID-19 protocols at every point in time to ensure that the pandemic situation does not get much worse than it already is.

“The recent lifting of inter-state travel ban is not in any way a sign that the pandemic is over. While we are hopeful that very soon, life will become normal again, we must now continue to fight while the war lasts.

“The most proven weapon against this war remains social distancing and staying indoors, for those who can. For those who cannot, do ensure that you only travel when you must. We must all continue to follow the COVID-19 safety measures laid down by WHO, CDC, NCDC and other health agencies. Throwing cautions to the winds in the face of this deadly virus might spell disaster for the nation. May we continue to maintain high levels of hygiene as we continue to unite in the fight against the pandemic,” the statement reads in part.

Obi further urged governments at all levels to step-up their COVID-19 awareness campaign, noting that, people always need to be reminded the dangers of not sticking to COVID-19 safety measures and how to stay safe during this period.

“Governments at all levels must again now rise to action and take their COVID-19 awareness campaign higher. The people need to be helped to stay safe, by constantly reminding them the safety measures and protocols,” Obi said.

He finally encouraged Nigerians to remain prayerful and hopeful that the situation will soon get better and the pains and discomforts of today will become a thing of the past as life will improve for everyone.

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