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Mr. Peter Obi

Peter Obi celebrates fathers’ selfless sacrifices

Presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general elections in Nigeria, Mr. Peter Obi has hailed fathers for “their selfless sacrifices for their respective families” through which “they have continued to contribute to the peace and stability of our collective Nigerian family.”

Mr. Obi, a former Governor of Anambra State, in a tweet to celebrate fathers on Fathers Day 2024, said he was joining “the global community to acknowledge the great accomplishments of all the fathers in Nigeria,” noting that “as a father myself, not just to our lovely children, but to the millions of young Nigerians who look with hope for a better nation, I understand the challenges of fatherhood in our nation.”

He pointed out that ” the present level of economic hardship, socio-political instability and rising insecurity,” has made the Nigerian father even more burdened by his desire to provide for and protect his family.

He said that “the National Bureau of Statistics reports that the average life expectancy for Nigerian men, sadly, stands at 55.1 years,” which “reflects a high level of stress fathers undergo in order to meet up with the demands of fatherhood in our country with poor access to healthcare.”

Notwithstanding the challenges, he encouraged “every father to remain committed to building their families as we unite our efforts in building our bigger Nigerian family,” praying that “as you continue to navigate your families through the challenging economic and political atmosphere in our country, with hope for a more secured and united Nigeria, which the New Nigeria will bring, may God protect and bless you always.”


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