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Mr. Peter Obi, Labour Party (LP) Presidential Candidate

What I’ll do if there’s war in Nigeria and I’m abroad – Peter Obi

Mr. Peter Obi

The Presidential candidate of Labour Party, Mr. Peter Obi has reiterated his undying love for Nigeria and his unalterable belief in its indivisibility.

Speaking to more than 8000 members of his foremost support group, the Peter Obi Support Network (POSN), in a virtual interactive session, he expressed confidence that Nigeria can and will come out of the woods of failed political leadership and urged everyone, especially those in the diaspora not to relent in making their contributions to the development of Nigeria in whatever capacity they can.

Emphasizing how much he is ready to sacrifice for Nigeria’s survival and progress, Mr. Peter Obi, according to a statement by Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, Director, Strategic Communication, POSN, shared a story of how he had to relocate from the United Kingdom to Nigeria after spending over ten years in that country to contribute his own quota to Nigeria’s economic and social development.

Responding to a question about his plans for Nigerians living in the diaspora by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of POSN, he commended the efforts of diaspora Nigerians in developing the country, and urged them not to relent, because no matter how comfortable we get in another country, Nigeria will always be our home.

In his words, “I love Nigeria irrevocably and I believe no matter how far we travel or how successful we become outside Nigeria, we can never have another country to call our own, but Nigeria. Therefore, I have continued to do whatever I can within my personal and group capabilities to support Nigeria’s march to greatness.”

He charged as thus: “I am not just running for presidency; I am starting a movement for Nigerians to Take Back their country.”

He informed the gathering of passionate supporters that even though he has everything he needs to obtain residence permits and citizenship rights in any part of the world he wishes, he has deliberately avoided taking any residence permit from any other country of the world because he believes that “Nigeria is the only country I have.”

“When I left the UK after residing there for over ten years, I returned everything that belonged to them to them. I have a singular focus on Nigeria, and I do not think I need the citizenship or residence rights of any other country, when I haven’t finished exploiting my Nature-given rights and privileges as a Nigerian.

“In fact, if I am out of Nigeria today and there is a war in Nigeria, I will find a way to return back to Nigeria, because I will rather die in my country, Nigeria, than live free in another man’s country.”

The former Anambra State governor urged Nigerians to take pride in being Nigerians and transmute whatever might be our frustrations with the country into a passion to make Nigeria work again for all of us.

He also decried the attempt by some politicians to drag religion into the country’s politics, arguing that all must focus on what really matters, which is the welfare of the Nigerian people and the security of the nation.

According to him, “Religion is a personal endeavor and shouldn’t be allowed to drive our politics. Trying to hinge our political chances and permutations on political sentiments is irresponsible, because poverty, insecurity, infrastructural decadence, unemployment and all the ills that have bedevilled our nation does not recognize religious differences, bad governance doesn’t affect a Muslim differently because a Muslim is the President neither do bandits select those they attack based on religion.”

He, however, asked that politicians must not fail to respect and preserve the guardrails of our nationhood by respecting our peculiarities and taking deliberate steps to manage our diversities as a nation.

On the economy, he expressed sadness at the perennial mismanagement of the nation’s huge natural and human resources which has put Nigeria on the precipice of total collapse. He argued that the economy is at the center of the nation’s rescue.

“We need to focus on making the Nigerian economy thrive, because if we get the economy right, we would have got every other thing right. If the economy is working, then, there will be a drastic reduction in the rate of crimes and violence, as there will be enough jobs and enough wealth to go round.”

He enjoined his supporters to continue to promote the message of peace, tolerance, prosperity, and national healing as the basis of the national movement, pleading for tolerance of divergent views and understanding that millions of Nigerians are angry with the situation of things, and assured that no one will be left behind in the movement to “Take Nigeria Back”.

“Every Nigerian must be involved in this task of Taking Back Nigeria. This is a cross party movement. It doesn’t matter the Party anyone belongs to. We must all take Nigeria as our political Party and commit to saving her from an imminent collapse.”

The meeting which lasted over four hours afforded the frontline presidential candidate the opportunity to interact with key members of his foremost support group, including the members of the Board of Trustees, Directors, heads of units, State, LGA and ward coordinators of POSN and share firsthand his ideas and plans for the campaign which is set to commence officially in September.


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  1. I like the way Peter Obi is factual and focused. He isn’t attacking any political opponent but analysing his strategy on the way forward. This is noteworthy.

    For over 3 decades that I have attained the voting age , I have never voted because I found it difficult tenure by tenure to identify with any political ideology.

    However, because of Peter Obi, I’ll consider obtaining a voters card.

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