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POEM: The Griefs of Rainfall By Nze Ozichukwu Chukwu

Nze Fidelis Ozichukwu Chukwu

The day before was full of sunshine,
Everywhere was bright and gay.
The evening recorded brilliant rainbows.
Suddenly the night became hot and dull, with foul air that oozed into the morning with violent thunderstorms.

In Owerri it started with a convective precipitation and in a twinkle has uprooted landmark Irokos.
Life has stopped like never before.
It’s now a microchips empire.

Everywhere is shaken to its foundation,
Shrines and Worship places were not spared.
Healing centers lost their roofs to the wind; and the artifacts to floods,

The landscapes are being altered,
People now walk in the rain, communicate in whispers and sign language.
There’s so much fear and apprehension.
All are left in forlorn mood.

When an iroko falls,
Violent vibrations are felt, buildings crack and farmlands are deserted till the leaves wither.
Hope diminishes and faith its own recourse.

As we seek safety under masks, in masquerades and Halloweens.
To change black hoods or white dresses, depending on the moods.
Reinventing pins and sharpening needles.
Ignorance tickles and excites predators; blood suckers.

We hear they’re gone
Those with us the previous day.
We’re barred from escorting them in their journey to eternity.
We sit, cry and pray
From a distance
To the isolated crowd
Of a new normal.
The land looks greedy
It goes for those with the goodies.
Warning that no one will be spared.

I know, this too shall pass
The sky is above
And the stars in place
Glittering rainbow of hope.
Sunshine will return
With a breath of fresh air
And life will bloom again
Together we’ll commemorate in
Praise and Thanksgiving.

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