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Bishop Geoffrey Okorafor

Pride, arrogance responsible for Nigeria’s problems – Bishop Okorafor

Bishop Geoffrey Okorafor
Bishop Geoffrey Okorafor

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Egbu, Rt.Rev. Geoffrey Okorafor has identified pride and arrogance as responsible for the various problems plaguing the nation.
He noted that not only has pride caused great damage to the society but stressed that most failed programmes and policies of the country were due to the bloated ego of those in leadership position.
Bishop Okorafor who made the observation during a Eucharistic service at St. Michael’s Anglican Church, Uboegbelu in Owerri North Local Government, Imo State, pointed out that the situation of failed policies due to this overbearing attitude were more noticeable in States, the states.
He explained that their inordinate self esteem has prevented them from being rational in some of their decisions.
Making reference to the Bible reading of the day taken from 2 Kings 5 verses 1-14, the Prelate noted that Naaman owing to his swollen ego had left in a rage, against the directive by Prophet Elisha to go and dip himself into river Jordan, pointing out that he would have missed having his flesh restored and cleansed of the leprosy if he had not listened to the advice of his servant and dipped himself into river Jordan. He stressed that Naaman got washed and cleansed as was advised by the Prophet.
As the world observed Leprosy Day, to create the needed awareness concerning the infectious chronic disease, the Anglican Prelate noted that diverse types of leprosy have eaten deep into some professed Christians. A good number of them, he further observed have, as a result of this ailment failed to attain their ambitions in life. He advised that they should not only re-examine themselves but purge themselves of pride and arrogance if they are to be washed and cleansed.
Bishop Okorafor encouraged the congregation of St. Michael’s not to be dismayed by their numerical strength, stressing that God does not work with numbers. He also sympathized with them over the recent passing on of their station priest, Rev. Michael Nwankwo and urged them to take solace in the all knowing.

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