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Stakeholders, consumers applaud Mercedes-Benz over newly introduced trucks


Mirko Plath

Robert Awokuse

 For goods and services operators in road transport and especially in the construction industry, acquiring the right truck that will enable ease of transit is crucial to the success of such venture.

This is even as the Managing Director, Weststar Associates Limited, Mr Mirko Plath maintained that businesses that operate in road transport and in the construction industry need absolute reliability.

Plath, who is also the Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Weststar Associates Limited, the sole authorised general distributor of Mercedes-Benz vehicles in Nigeria, stated this recently at the official launch of two new trucks, Actros and Arocs, by the company.

The CEO noted that for businesses to be more competitive, especially in the heavy duty transport and construction segments, reliable trucks with better advantage over others is needed in order to boost productivity.

Plath averred that the Mercedes-Benz brand has been successful over the years and has earned its respect and recognition in the Nigerian market, especially in the heavy-duty truck segment.

Noting that Mercedes-Benz has become an art that has continued to improve with the all-new Actros, Plath stressed that operators would be accustomed to more reliability and efficiency in the long haulage business, while Arocs stands out as the new force in construction.

In his opening remark, read by a top management staff, Plath stated: “It has been a long exciting wait and we are thankful that the day has finally arrived when you all shall witness the presentation of the new Actros and Arocs heavy-duty trucks.


“The Mercedes-Benz brand has been successful over the years and has earned its respect and recognition in the Nigerian market over time especially in the heavy-duty truck segment.

“Understanding our environment and the extreme weather conditions alongside the infrastructural deficits, Mercedes-Benz has continuously improved on its design of heavy-duty trucks, giving them the ability to handle our rough roads and still maintain beautiful resale value even after using the vehicles for a long period of time.

“Weststar Associates Limited is the authorized general distributor of Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our presence over the past 11 years has bridged the gap between the Nigerian market and Daimler AG, the manufacturers of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, in the production and delivery of vehicles, which are custom-made for the Nigerian environment.

“We are committed to delivering nothing but the best in vehicles and after sales service delivery to the Nigerian markets and extensively to the Western-African region.

“Therefore, it pleases us to welcome these remarkable new trucks from Mercedes-Benz, because we know that each new dimension is an improvement to the already existing excellent products. 

“I can assure you that the Research and Development team left nothing to chance in creating the new Mercedes-Benz Actros and Arocs. The experts extensively tested every detail, because vehicles in this market segment must be extremely reliable to sustain its place at the top position in the industry,” he concluded.

Some of the attendees at the event who spoke to Global Patriot Newspapers expressed satisfaction with the two new trucks, describing the products as outstanding and perfect.

“These are very unique trucks,” said an official of the Federal Road Safety Commission, FRSC, who did not want his name mentioned.

“Looking at the specifications, the trucks are perfectly made, with maximum guarantee on their functionality. No doubt, it will be of great benefit and advantage, especially to the construction industry, and more importantly to any construction company that acquires them,” he said.


In his comment, an ardent user of Mercedes-Benz vehicle, Peter Uzo said “Benz products are fantastic. I have been using Mercedes-Benz cars for over 25 years and I have never had any regrets.


“I recently for the first time purchased a Mercedes-Benz truck for my granite business and it has been serving me very well; no issues at all.”


Meanwhile, the new Actros comes as a medium or heavy duty truck with weight variants from 18 to 33 tons.

The truck, according to specifications, is a “semi-trailer tractor for long distance haulage and for heavy duty transport, equipped with a six-cylinder OM 460 diesel engine that comes in two rated power output of 265 KW(360 hp) or 310 KW (421hp).”

With optionally available power outputs of up to 425 KW (578 hp), the new Actros comes with a 3900 mm or 3600 mm wheel base and a torque rating from 1800 nm to 2800 nm depending on the variant. It is available in 6×4 or 4×2 configurations.

Besides, the new Actros comes with an impressive newly developed design. And beyond the exterior design, “the appeal extends to the spacious and ergonomic cab interior, providing a clearly arranged driver’s workplace which makes the vehicle operations easy and safe.

“With the M-cab variant, the truck comes in a Classic Space cab 2000 mm long and 2300 mm wide, offering enough room to work and rest.”

Other features, noted in the specifications include multifunction steering wheel with control buttons for the onboard computer, telephone, volume control and the drive systems.

“It also houses the instrument panel, the Bluetooth radio navigation system and the electronic ignition lock for its comfort.”

Similarly, the new Arocs, a heavy duty truck with weight variants from 18 to 41 tons, is specially designed for construction with different applications.

According to the specifications, the truck can come as a platform truck, dumper or concrete mixer, which can accommodate “other body applications including firefighting, mining, rescue, tank bodies, vacuum amongst others.”

It is also equipped with a “six-cylinder OM 460 diesel engine that comes with a rated power output of 310 KW (421 hp), there is a 3900 mm and a 4500 mm wheel base variant and the torque comes with a rated output of 2100 nm.”

The Arocs cabs are noted to be convincing with their “high level of functionality, their robustness and their striking, powerful design which reflects the dedication of the Arocs to meet every challenge in off-road transportation.

“With the S-cab variant, the new Arocs comes in a Classic Space cab 1700 mm long and 2300 mm wide, it is suited to all applications which require maximum body length in the construction industry or in short-radius distribution.

“The S-cab also offers great all-round visibility which provides protection against collisions if space for maneuvering is especially tight.”

The truck like in Actros, has additional features which include the multifunction steering wheel with control buttons for the onboard computer, telephone, volume control and the drive systems” amongst other things.

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