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Tips on applying make-up for the Nigerian woman


Essentially, make ups enhance our beauty and appearance. However, as much as we love to apply the make-up, most women don’t know the right products to use or how to correctly apply these products.

As a make-up expert with a lot of experience, I would be sharing some tips on how you can use make-up to achieve that desired look.

make up 4The first thing to consider before choosing any make up product is your skin type and complexion.

If you have a dry skin, it’s important that you go for a product that contains moisturizer.

For someone with an oily skin, go for a product that has oil control. To know the right type that will suit your complexion you could test a little of the product on your skin to see if it matches.makeup 1

Considering the weather condition on this part of the divide, which is highly humid, and hence, hot, you will need to apply sunscreen before applying your makeup and also oil control to prevent it from ‘running down’ when you sweat.

I also want to state here that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to look good. There are so many good and affordable products out there that would suit your skin type and complexion. But please remember moderation is key.

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