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TRIBUTE: PIUS ADESANMI, RIP? I can’t bring myself to say it!!! – Ogaga Ifowodo,

Late Prof. Adesanmi and Dr. Ifowodo

What or who do I curse? The day? The plane? The makers of the new technology-driven plane on which my friend and my brother was flying from Addis Ababa to Nairobi? Ah, death! And the stealth and many ways it comes! But it should never ever have set its sights on Pius, again, having tried and failed last year. Ah, Pius, you survived that road accident, and marvelled that you did: “I still don’t know how and why I survived,” you wrote to me. And death shamed that you had proved stronger than it on the road stalked you in the air. Ah, Pius, Pius, my brother Pius . . .

From the campus of the University of Ibadan, to the campuses of Penn State University, State College, and Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, to that visit to Jersey City in 2007 when I was finishing my dissertation (here’s the photo of us together on the Hudson River Walk), and all the places too many where we were together alone or with mutual friends . . . I can’t bring myself to say rest in peace and yet I must wish your restless, fecund, passionate and patriotic (how much you ached and wrote to save Nigeria!) soul eternal rest. Well, then, rest. You did more in your short life than many can living the fullness of their days. Rest in peace, my friend, my brother.

Dr. Ogaga Ifowodo is a poet, activist and the Delta State representative on the Governing Board at Niger Delta Development Commission – NDDC.

His Tribute (on his Facebook page) to Prof. Pius Adesanmi, who was on the ill-fated Ethiopian Airlines 737 MAX 8 aircraft bound for Nairobi that crashed and killed 157 people.


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