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Under my watch, dirt won’t take over Lagos – Jimmy Agbaje

Mr. Jimmy Agbaje

Robert Awokuse

Lagos Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje, has promised to move Lagos from the league of dirtiest cities in the world to one of the neatest and cleanest.

“Health is wealth. Cleanliness is also next to Godliness,” Agbaje said.

“Unfortunately, the opposite of those two popular sayings has continued to be the lot of Lagos. Dirt has taken over Lagos, and if care is not taken, an epidemic will soon follow,” he stressed.

Lamenting the present state of dirt pollution in the state, Agbaje alleged that the waste budget of the state, rather than being judiciously used, was being diverted to some individuals’ pockets.

“Just take a drive around Lagos, huge pockets of dirt, including on major highways, are there to stare you in the face.

“It’s so obvious that Visionscope can’t do this job alone, but greed and avarice won’t allow them rescind the decision. Because of vested interests here and there, Lagosians are daily made to suffer unjustly and unnecessarily, not minding the health implications.

“Lagos, as I am talking to you, has become one of the dirtiest cities in the world.”

The PDP governorship candidate bemoaned the All Progressives Congress, APC-led administration’s “I don’t care attitude” towards waste management, which according to him is unacceptable.

“The saddest part is that rather than find a permanent solution to this time bomb, the APC government has continued to exhibit an I-don’t-care attitude, which is totally unacceptable. If voted into office, therefore, we would not only make Lagos neater, we will also get Lagos to rank among the most beautiful cities in the world.

“We won’t allow dirt to overtake and overwhelm us, like it’s currently happening. Lagos would be freed from dirt if we secure Lagosians’ mandate.

“The era of dirt competing with cars on our highways and on walk paths with the people is going to be a thing of the past when we get there. And we already have our roadmap on how to actualise and accomplish that,” he assured.

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