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We need Chinese leadership model in Nigeria – Obi

Mr. Peter Obi

The former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi has advocated an aspect of  the Chinese model of  electing their leaders, based on their past performances at lower levels of government,  for Nigeria. He made this known  at the weekend  during an   international conference with the theme of  Philosophy, Law And Politics,  at the Claretian Institute Of Philosophy(CIP), Maryland, Nekede.  Saying that since leadership was the fundamental problem of Nigeria, all hands must be on deck in the efforts to devise better ways of electing the leaders of the country.

Mr. Obi who spoke on  Human Development Index, Nigeria and the World said that its improvement was directly  proportional to the level of each countries’ investment on education. Affirming Norway as ranking highest in the world  HDI indicator with almost $80,000 per capita income. and life  expectancy of over 80 years, he said it was due to their heavy investment on education where they had literacy level of virtually 100% with HDI of 0.95.
Obi who went further to compare Nigeria with those countries he said had the same developmental trajectory with her in the eighties, regretted that they had all done better than Nigeria.
His words:  “Indonesia,  with a population of 260 million people has a GDP of $1.0 trillion and per capita income of $3800. Her life expectancy is 69 years while her literacy level is 93%. Her HDI is 0.689 and ranked 113 in the world. She is classified as medium.
‘’Turkey, with a population of 80 million people, has a GDP of $880 billion and per capita income of $10,800. Her life expectancy is 76 years and literacy level of 97%. Her HDI is 0.767 and ranked 71 in the world. She is classified as high.
‘’Now, our dear country Nigeria. With a population of about 190 million people, we have a GDP of $420 billion and per capita income $2,100. Our life expectancy is 53 years with literacy level of 55%. Our HDI is  0.527 and ranked 152 in the world. We are classified as low!’’
Concluding,  he said the reason for our low HDI was simply because Nigeria had not made the right investment on education and human resource development thus reaping poor governance – leaders and followers –  in return.
Other notable speakers who participated in the three-day event are Prof. Pat Utomi, Rev Father Prof. Izu Marcel Onyeocha, Prof Uchukwumaeze and Prof. Obasi Igwe.

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