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When New Jersey, USA, received Frank Nneji, Imo governorship frontrunner


Mr. Frank NNeji being introduced to members of the Igbo Catholic Community of St. Charles Borromeo Church, Newark by Rev. Dr. Erasmus Okere
Mr. Nneji with (R) Rev. Dr. Erasmus Okere after the Mass
L-R Mr. Nneji, Chief OK Lawrence Anyanwu, Sir (Architect) Linus Korieocha and his wife, Dr. (Mrs) Stella Korieocha
Mr. Nneji being presented with kola nuts by the Igbo Catholic Community
R-L Chief Steve Onyemaechi, Chief Frank Nneji, Nze Peter Ogwumike Jnr, Chief Alozie Aguwa, Chief Mike Orji Unegbu (Okeosisi) and Chief Charles Eke during the Mass
L-R Frank Nneji, Ok Lawrence Anyanwu, High Chief (Sir) Titus Osuagwu (Mmagha), (Africa) Clement Ojinnaka (standing in suit), Chief Cally Ndu (blessing the kolanut), Father Peter Iwuala, Chief Sir Dr Ignatius Njoku and Rev Dr Erasmus Okere(standing right).
L-R Dr. Iwuozor Obilor, his wife, Chief (Mrs) Obilor and OK Lawrence Anyanwu
L-R Mr. Nneji, Ok Lawrence Anyanwu, High Chief (Sir) Titus Osuagwu (Nmagha) and Chief Mike Orji Unegbu(Okeosisi) after the Mass
L-R Chief Alozie Aguwa, Chief Ugo Ikwu, Frank Nneji, another friend and Ok Lawrence Anyanwu
Rev. Albert Nze (L) and Mr. Frank Nneji
Chief Engr. Ugo Ikwu and one of the guests at the event, Princess Jane.
L-R Attorney Emma Odoemene and Mrs Odoemene, a guest, and Mr. Frank Nneji at the high table during the reception at Clinton Manor
Mr. Nneji (L) with Hon. Ugo Nwokoro, Deputy Mayor, City of Newark (C) and Chief Dr. Iwuozor Obilor during the reception at Clinton Manor
R-L Mr. Nneji, Rev. Derick Green (Senior Special Adviser to Phil Murphy, Governor of New Jersey), Chief Charles Eke, Dr.(Mrs) Nworu and another guest during the reception for Mr. Nneji
Mr. Nneji in a group photograph with his Committee of Friends, the organisers of the reception

Sunday, June 24, 2018 was a historic day in New Jersey, United States, as Ndi Imo (Imo State, Nigeria indigenes) and their friends and associates resident in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Washington metro came together at the Clinton Manor, 2737 Rt 22 West, Union, NJ, to receive Mr. Frank Nneji, a celebrated son of the State.

Mr. Nneji, founder of the popular Associated Bus Company, ABC, Plc and frontline governorship aspirant on the platform of All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, was in the United States of America as part of his world-wide consultations towards actualization of his aspiration to lead the state from 2019.

A recipient of the national honour of Officer of the Order of the Niger, OON, Mr. Nneji, on arrival in New Jersey, attended the Holy Mass at The Blessed Sacrament – St. Charles Borromeo Church (the Igbo Catholic Church), Newark, New Jersey before the well attended reception at the Clinton Manor where he shared his vision for Imo State and received assurances of support from those that attended the event.

A high point of the program was the presentation of Nneji’s book, “WHO SAYS YOU CAN’T? Timeless Lessons and Experiences in Business.”

Among those who graced the reception were Hon. Ugochukwu Nwokoro, Deputy Mayor, City of Newark, Hon. Okems I. Okemezie, Ok Lawrence Anyanwu, Rev. Derick Green, Senior Special Adviser to Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey, Sir Clement Eze, who was Chairman of the reception, Chief Dr. Iwuozor Obilor, High Chief (Sir) Titus Osuagwu (Nmagha), Hon. Uche BonnyLife Ndu, Attorney Emmanuel Odoemenam, Dr. Mrs Vicky Nworu, Chief Ugo Ikwu, Dr. Ignatius Njoku and Damian Anyanwu, founder of Radio Mbaise.

Others who graced the event were Chi Cindy Odinakachi, Welfare Officer of APGA, Abia State and her husband, Chief Steve Onyemaechi, Nze Peter Ogwumike Jnr, Chief Charles Eke,  Sir Innocent Enwere, Hon. Ignatius Duru, Chief Alozie Aguwa, Aloy E. Nwosu, Prince Anozie Ugenyi, Vitalis Eleanya, Emeka Ebenezer, Chief Mike Uka, Prince Linus Onukogu and a host of others.

The Clergy were not left out of the rousing reception as Rev. Dr. Erasmus Okere, Rev. Albert Nze, Rev. Dr. Longinus Ibegbulem also graced the program.


R-L Aloy E. Nwosu, Damian Anyanwu (founder of Radio Mbaise) and Chief Pauly Uba
Mr. Frank Nneji (2nd left) with Chi Cindy Odinakachi, Welfare Officer, Abia State APGA and her husband (R). Left is Chief Mike Orji Unegbu(Okeosisi)
Rev. Dr. Ignatius Duru exchanging pleasantries with Mr. Nneji
Dr. Ignatius Njoku (L) discussing with Mr. Nneji


Mr. Nneji with (directly opposite him) High Chief (Sir) Titus Osuagwu (Nmagha)
(Left) Hon. Uch BonnyLife Ndu, (2nd left) Hon. Ignatius Duru and others at the event

 The Frank Nneji that I know By Ok Lawrence Anyanwu

Being full text of introductory remarks made by Ok.Lawrence Anyanwu at the Rebuild Imo event held in New Jersey on June 24, 2018

In Imo, we are presently dealing with the extra ordinary CIRCUMSTANCE of a man we elected to the most esteemed office in our state rendering the three arms of government essentially ineffective by his dictatorial tendencies.

Consequently, this crisis has led to unbridled corruption in the entire system, reckless disregard for the rule of law and order. This is the price of complacency and lack of due diligence in subjecting those we entrust with leadership to public scrutiny before we vote them into office. The deplorable condition of roads, ailing economy, healthcare system, security, schools, lack of accountability and probity in Imo has compelled an extra ordinary man in the person of Mr. Frank Nneji to answer the call of patriotic Imo indigenes both at home and in diaspora to come and rebuild our beloved state.

Mr. Nneji is a man imbued with great foresight, good sense of judgment and is above all an inspirational leader. Through the conglomerate businesses he runs, he has proven to be an excellent manager of human capital and material resources.

Besides Frank’s achievements in the private sector, he is endowed with outstanding leadership qualities, charisma and the emotional intelligence needed to occupy an exalted office such as governor of Imo State. Following the impoverishment of Imo people, infrastructural decay and failure of government to protect lives and properties, it becomes very imperative that we have to elect a leader who has a proven track record of industry. It is on this premise that he is here under the auspices of Rebuild Imo Team East Coast Zone, which is comprised of New Jersey, New York, Mary Land, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Washington, to present to us his strategic action plan for rebuilding and instituting good governance in Imo State.

As a transformational leader, Frank’s entry into transportation business brought innovations that set new industry standards in that sector. According to Imo state sector commander of Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Mr. Joseph Kayode Aremu who spoke at the 25th anniversary celebration of ABC Transport PLC, he said that ABC transport introduced the policy which led to passengers being treated with dignity and respect. In all his companies, the corporate culture is designed to respect the inherent dignity and worth of employees.

Despite the fact that transportation business is characterized by high turnover rate of employees, Frank has managed to keep crop of loyal employees through good remunerations. As part of an ongoing program to bolster staff morale through bonus and rewards, he recently gave Hiace buses to two of the pioneer drivers who started ABC transport with him 25 years ago.

Frank is one individual I know that is passionate about enhancing the living condition of mankind through service. In view    of this, when Mr. Nneji is elected in 2019, he will not just be the executive governor, but will be the chief servant of Imo people. I am particularly intrigued that even in the face of outstanding success in every field of endeavor since the past thirty years I came to know Frank, his demeanor has not changed. For example in the  middle 90’s we had both attended the knighting ceremony of our mutual friend’s father in Umuaka, Orlu, Frank suddenly started helping to serve guests ostensibly   to ensure that every  one is well served. That day his action taught me a lesson in humility considering his towering achievements.

Finally, I want to state unequivocally that when Frank is elected governor, he will revamp Imo’s ailing economy through industrialization and infrastructural development. Our students will receive top notch education comparable to international standards. He will restructure the healthcare system, he will restore public confidence in governance by ensuring the integrity of the three arms of government. He will restore dignity and respect for our civil servants, teachers, pensioners, artisans and traders. The era of our traditional rulers being threatened with dethronement and balkanization of their domain will be gone. I hereby call on well-meaning Imo indigenes to support the only gubernatorial candidate who is not tainted by sudden wealth syndrome.

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