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World Environmental Day: Experts berate N/Delta Govs on oil derivation proceeds

Rev. Nnimmo Bassey
Mr Morris Alagoa
polluting the air

Renowned Environmentalists, Rev Nnimmo Bassey and Mr Alagoa Morris on Wednesday frowned at the neglect of oil communities’ environment by Niger Delta Governors.

The duo in separate interviews on the 2019 World Environmental Day (WED) noted that 13 per cent oil derivation funds to oil-producing states were being diverted by Niger Delta Governors.

According to them, the funds meant to ameliorate the adverse effects of oil exploration and production was being spent on frivolities to the detriment of the oil communities and the environment.

Bassey, who holds the National Honor of the Order of Member of the Federal Republic (MFR) said that Governors of the Niger Delta states were not deploying the oil derivation revenue for the benefit of the environment and the people.

 Bassey, who is also Founder/Executive Director, Health of Mother Earth Foundation, noted that if the funds allocated to the Niger Delta were judiciously used, the region would have regenerated, returned or at least began to return to its historically biodiverse self.

“The squandering or wastage of resources is a self-inflicted injury because it allows oil companies and other exploiters to act irresponsibly seeing that leaders do not have the moral grounds to demand good behaviour.

“As we mark World Environment Day focusing on air pollution, we need to look at our faces in the ecological mirror and declare truthfully what we see.

“How can we have soot blanketing a city like Port Harcourt for years and yet we behave as though everything is alright?

“How can it be justified that the region that produces the wealth of the nation is one of the top ten most polluted places on earth and also one with extremely low life expectancy?

“With gas flares eating up our people, destroying agriculture and the general environment, we should hang our heads in shame. There is no life and no enjoyment of rights in the midst of pollution,” Bassey said..

For Morris, the 2019 WED focusing on air pollution and being hosted by China draws attention to the unrestrained gas flaring at oilfields within the Niger Delta with massive release of greenhouse gases that trigger climate change.

He regretted that individuals, families, religious bodies, corporate entities, NGOs and governments all have roles to play to preserve the ecosystem but noted that the stakeholders were failing in the responsibility to the environment..

According to him, Nigerians merely pay lip service on WED without meditating on how to follow up with implementable policies to achieve desired results in the common interest.

Morris, Head of Field Operations at Environment Rights Action , noted that over the years, we have not seen any policy formulation or implementation relating to past World Environment Day theme or focus.

“The World Environment  Days are carefully selected to address critical world issues and they may not be easily repeated.

“Incidentally, while the advanced societies are making progress in relation to these environmental challenges, we in this clime are more interested in formalities, speaking grammar just to pass the Day.

“This is very unfortunate and sad

“Last year’s theme was beat plastic, but, as we are to mark this year’s theme which has to do with Air pollution; ask the Bayelsa State government, for instance, what has been done to beat plastic?

“I am certain there would be no positive response.

“That is to show the extent to which our people and governments are so unserious about environmental issues

“The authorities in Bayelsa would tell you how unique the Bayelsa environment is, but there have been no corresponding efforts to contain the flood and erosion threatening our communities every now and then.

“Ordinarily, the unique deltaic terrain Bayelsa occupies ought to compel a flood and erosion commission to be established,” Alagoa said.

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