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Absence of President Buhari has not created vacuum in Presidency – Senator Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume
The former Leader of the Senate, Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume has said that Nigerians should not worry over the absence of President Muhammadu Buhari, as there is no time frame within which the Acting President should act, stressing that there is no vacuum in the Presidency.
Senator Mohammed Ali Ndume  who stated this in an interactive session with Journalists in his Maiduguri residence said that Section 143 to 146 of the Nigerian constitution is explicit on the absence of the President, as such Nigerians should pray for the quick recovery of President Buhari instead of making unnecessary noise.
He said “the issue of President Buhari is quite different from that of late former President Yar` Adua, as President Buhari has duly communicated to the National Assembly stating that Vice President Osinbajo should act in his absence.
“The absence of President Buhari has not created any vacuum in the activities of government, as Vice President Osinbajo is effectively carrying out the activities of Government as acting President. The only thing we miss is his person,” the Senator added.
He said “this is not the first time a President is falling sick, as former President Churchill and other Presidents were sick but this did not hinder the activities of government in their respective countries”.
On the issue of Boko Haram insurgency, he said if Former President Goodluck Jonathan had implemented the recommendations of the three Presidential committees on Boko Haram, the Boko Haram crisis would not have catapulted to this level.
Reacting on his recent acquittal from court on alleged charges of sponsoring Boko Haram, Senator Ndume said the outcome of the court judgment was a credit to the judiciary, as justice has prevailed at the end, stressing that the media have not been fair to him, as some media houses convicted him on the pages of their papers, even before the court verdict.
He said former President Goodluck Jonathan wanted to crucify him and late Senator Ahmed Zannah for their boldness about the Boko Haram crisis in the North-East but thanked God that he has been vindicated by the court.
The former Senate leader said his daughter had a miscarriage when she heard that her father was arraigned for alleged sponsoring of Boko Haram terrorists, adding that he was arraigned before the Federal High court, while the principal suspect was arraigned before a magistrate court just to bring him down by the then government.

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