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Lady Chidi Onyemelukwe

Anambra awaits arrival of an Amazon (Chidi Alexandria Onyemelukwe, née Ekwueme) By Prof. M.O. ENE

Lady Chidi Onyemelukwe

Good leadership depends on how the leaders were raised, how they emerged, how they relate to the people, and how the people relate to them as servant leaders. By far the most dynamic and dedicated candidate in the field of Anambra 2021 gubernatorial race is Lady Chidi Onyemelukwe, #LCO.

In 2020, I projected that the next governor of Anambra State could be a lady. When I saw her among Anambra politicians visiting Enugu Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, I noted that #LCO could make it if she contested. It was dismissed principally because of the apparent extraordinary election funding in Anambra State. Instead, the name of a female senator headlined since she had whispered her gubernatorial interest.

Before the end of expression of interest, #LCO emerged in her political party, PDP. With her #RestoreAnambra team, she hit the ground running like she had PDP in her DNA! She has not disappointed. She has been traversing the state, engaging, and enlightening voters. At a point, I wondered if she was running unopposed!

Forget gender, forget zone; toe-to-toe, #LCO is the best bet for the restoration and elevation of Anambra State to the status of its nickname, ‘Light of the Nation.’ PDP must rally behind her, a princess of Nigeria’s premier political platform. (Her father, former Vice President Alex Ekwueme, was the party’s founding father.)

Last Sunday, I logged into a Zoom interview session with her. She spoke on popular policies from education, environment, industrialization, to information technology. I highlighted the changing demographics of Anambra communities, especially in her Nnewi constituency. As an 042, like yours sincerely, she understands that one thrives where s/he lives and contributes positively to the growth of community. Her government will encourage constructive coexistence through cultural assimilation and such civic responsibilities as paying taxes and voting. This is where community government arises; it is the foundation of thriving societies.

Though the process is still at the primary level, a new political paradigm is loading. Business-savvy Anambra people can no longer wallow in cash-and-carry politics. She is convincing her fellow citizens to invest in her, as is done in enlightened societies, not allow bankrollers to buy their votes and recoup their pecuniary speculations for four years without delivering decent dividends of democracy.

If any state can turn the corner on crass cash politics, it is Anambra State. If anyone can change the culture, Chidi can. What is left is for her to raise the volume. Whatever the outcome of any credible election, her voice will trigger a new tradition in the electoral practices of Southeastern Nigeria and beyond.

Someone reticently referenced the last bewildering gubernatorial race in Imo State during the interview. PDP must not allow such a rotten replay in Anambra. We see now what happens when elections are concocted, and the will of the people is subverted for selfish benefits. As #LCO herself stated, God is her Godfather. God does not like ugly.

Kudos to her team. It is heartwarming that three-time SSG Oseloka H. Obaze (OHO) is in her corner. As the best governor Anambra did not get in 2017 and with whom she ran as deputy on same PDP ticket, #LCO, will make waves if given the opportunity to serve her beloved state.

Finally, there is one quality to look for in a person: loyalty in the face of extreme adversity. #LCO has proven beyond doubts to be a loyal lady who stays faithful to family and friends all the time. That counts more than all powers and pennies in the world. In my earnest estimation, regardless of the outcome in the elections, and with all due respect to other contestants, she is the best of the batch of 2021. She will make Anambra proud.

Ahịa dị mma na-ere onwe ya.

(A good product sells itself.)

©MOE, June 1, 2021

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