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With a Covid-19 vaccine patent waiver likely, time to rethink global intellectual property rules  By Professor Ruth L. Okediji

Ruth L. Okediji is the Jeremiah Smith Jr. Professor of Law at Harvard Law School.   On Wednesday May 5, the US moved to back a Covid-19 vaccine patent waiver that was being debated at the World Trade Organization (WTO). The proposal, first put forward by South Africa and India in October 2020, seeks …

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Professor Greg Ikechukwu Ibe: Contextual analysis and diagnosis of leadership challenge of Abia State By Chukwuma ShaFT AMARAM (Polemics).

Abia State is not only a familiar buzzing identity and a curious phenomenon on the precedence order matrix nomenclature among the component federating states in the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Notably, Abia State, is a typical case study of curious mixtures of mind boggling contradictions and contrasts of great magnitude. …

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