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Arrest Rotimi Amaechi for insecurity in Rivers State, Wike govt. charges security agencies … Slams Minister on comment on economy

Barrister Emma Okah
Chief Rotimi Amaechi
David Amusa, Port Harcourt

The Rivers state government has accused the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi of being the one precipitating insecurity and crisis in the state.

Speaking to Global Patriot Newspapers in Port Harcourt, the Commissioner for Information and Communication, Barrister Emma Okah, stated that the state government had been briefed of the clandestine activities of the Minister to cause insecurity to a high magnitude that would lead to the declaration of a state of emergency in the state.

He said the plan was to hatch a plot then go to the media and accuse the state government of inability to contain such insecurity.

To re-enforce his allegation of a plot, Okah said, Amaechi spoke recently on the spate of insecurity in the state in Abuja and at Dakuku Peterside’s house in Port Harcourt, even when there were no incidents.

After the comments by Amaechi, the Commissioner said, surprisingly, on the 1st of January, 2018, there were killings in Ogba-Egbema-Ndoni and Andoni Local government areas, and on January 4, there was also another incident at Egbeda in Emohua local government area.

Mr. Okah further stated that on the 5th of January, 2018, there was a visit by the Minister of Interior, Lt General Abdulrahman Danbazzau to Rivers state, which was a top secret but the government gathered from intelligence sources that some militants had had an inkling of the visit with the intention to strike after the Interior Minister had left.

He also said on the 8th of January, Rotimi Amaechi made a broadcast to the People of Rivers state on insecurity in Rivers state.

The commissioner wondered why Amaechi had been harping on insecurity instead of other accusations of lapses in the development of the state.

“This makes him a suspect,” he said.

Okah also wondered why there is always crisis after the Transportation Minister had leveled accusations of insecurity in the state.

He stated that these are not mere coincidences.

“This is too much of a coincidence. Ironically, whenever these attacks take place, Amaechi and his cohorts instead of condemning them would quickly run to the media to blame the state governor even when they know that security is in the hand of the federal government.”

The commissioner, therefore, called on security agencies to interrogate Amaechi and his cohorts to determine the extent of their culpability with a view to arresting them.

He said nobody is above the law, besides these incidents had led to loss of lives.

Barr. Okah recalled that the Minister who was the former governor of the state had said that Gov. Nyesom Wike would become governor over his dead body and since then, he and his cohorts had been trying to get to power through the back door in the state.

The commissioner advised the Transportation Minister and his supporters to test their popularity, in a free and fair election, if they had any.

Meanwhile, the Rivers State Government has said that the economy of Rivers state is being rejigged by the present administration of Gov. Wike.

Barrister Okah stated that this is as a result of the project execution covering all nooks and crannies of the state.

These projects, he said, have boosted the economy of the state, considering the number of businesses being re-opened as well as the improvement of the state’s Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

“Rivers state Government is spending so much in terms of project execution. Consequently, these monies have effect on the economy. Materials are bought; services are paid for; employment is created; people earn income and service their economy. The combined effect of these is a boost to the economy”, he said.

The commissioner stated this while reacting to the comment made by the Minister of Transportation, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who was represented by Sokonte Davies, the Executive Director, Marine and Operations, Nigeria Ports Authority (NPA) at a public function in Port Harcourt, where he rated the Rivers State economy as the worst in Nigeria.

Barr. Okah described the comment as baseless and intended to shout wolf when there is no wolf.

He wondered at the criteria the minister used in rating the Rivers economy as worst in the country, pointing out that the minister does not have an understanding of the basic knowledge of how an economy operates.

He stressed that with the magnitude of projects being executed by the state governor, incentives being given to small and medium scale businesses and improvement in infrastructure, that the economy of the state is being boosted.

“So, which worst economic situation is Amaechi talking about? If he has nothing to say, he should keep quiet,” he said.

The commissioner, however, advised the minister to weigh his utterances before making them public as such comments belittle his personality.

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