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Prof. Soludo

Brand politics in South East: Anambra State & Professor Soludo in contextual perspectives By Chukwuma ShaFT AMaram (Polemics).

Prof. Soludo

On November 6, 2021, politically savvy, sophisticated citizenry, and wise electorate in Anambra State, overwhelmingly cast majority votes in favour of Professor Chukwuma Charles Soludo of APGA, in the governorship elections.

Soludo, accordingly emerged as the favourite, overwhelmingly preferred, democratically duly elected Governor-Elect, and successor-in-waiting to His Excellency, Willie Obiano, incumbent Governor of Anambra State.

The build up to the polls grand finale lived up to the billings and the anticipated dramatic expectations of pundits, in all ramifications.

Especially, the high octane, frenzied atmospheres, and political intrigues that foreshadowed the final contests of November 6 polls.

The political parties primaries did not disappoint, in terms of upsets, contentions and controversies; disputes and legal resolutions of what in some cases appeared definitely as orchestrated distractions, absurdly weird serial legal interpositions instituted by perceived aggrieved contestants and candidates.

In the final analysis, Soludo emerged the winner of the keenly contested polls. The polls featured preeminently variety of political gladiators of different contours and shades of political backgrounds; antecedents; pedigrees; public opinions perceptions; and contrasting reputations. In this particular context, the bad, the good, the ugly, were ably represented.

Specifically, what critical or essential circumstances and contexts, captivated the political or electoral mindsets, convinced or impressed upon the consciousness of Anambra voters to cast overwhelming majority votes in favour of Soludo, and gave him mandate to serve the State as Governor, in the days ahead?

Specifically, number one favourable consideration and factor, accordingly, was the distinctive, exceptional, outstanding professional image and profile of Professor Soludo. Impressive credentials.

Namely, as thorough bred professional elite persona, in terms of academic achievements and excellence!; administrative acumen cum managerial skills; and extensive experience in diverse fields of vocational settings.

No other contestant or candidate, in the just concluded polls parades or even comes very close to lay any meaningful claims or pretentions in this regard, in comparison to Soludo.

In this specific context, Soludo’s stature and status arguably demonstrated and exemplified ideally, no one else, either ranked second best, third, forth, or fifth best, is capable of besting the best material available.

Even, in the highly murky, volatile terrains of partisan politics, notoriously capable of unleashing surprises, the best persona prevailed triumphantly, notwithstanding.

Anambra electorate, accordingly, with deep sense of discernment overwhelmingly endorsed the best candidate from the stable of political parties, adjudged best fitted for the arduous task of serving the State; now poised to draw from extensive depositories, pool, repertoire, and reservoir of knowledge base; and versatile experiences accumulated as astute professional and technocrat par excellence.

In this critical context, Anambra State is very fortunate and lucky to be strategically positioned to tap holistically and immensely from Professor Soludo’s seamless capabilities, capacities, potentialities, goodwill, within the borders of Nigeria and outside the shores of Nigeria, as internationally acclaimed manager and leader.

Anambra State, holistically, is the ultimate winner in the context of November 6 polls, if gauged and analyzed properly.

Fast forward, in 2023 general elections, entire South East geopolitical bloc essentially needs to borrow from the good example of Anambra vis a vis emergence of Soludo, as the ideal choice for the sensitive office and strategic position of governorship.

Particularly, in terms of Ndi Igbo, seeking, sifting, and sorting out the best materials, in the context of human capital resource as vital assets, for the enormously rigorous political leadership responsibilities, and governance, as serious, strategic matter.

In this context, the essential material substance must be wisely separated from the chaffs, counterfeits, charlatans, and impostors.

Especially noteworthy, if any political parties failed to field or present her best materials, South East voters has no serious business to do with such parties or interest groups.

Such inept, now rampant deficiencies or arrangements nolonger can serve the best interests of South East bloc and Ndi Igbo.

Time has come, with effect from 2023 for Ndi Igbo and South East to consciously identify or number only credible, eminently, suitably qualified persons, irrespective of political affiliations or allegiance, to serve her peoples in all facets, tiers of political positions.

In this specific context, polished, shined, refined, tested and trusted elite professionals and technocrats, in the molds and pedigrees of Soludo model, need to be encouraged, supported, to occupy mantle of leadership, in the best interests of Ndi Igbo.

Ndi Igbo in 2023 general elections, must confront strategically as a matter of expediency and political survival the onerous but surmountable challenge of identifying the Soludo brands in our midst and societies; and bestow on such personalities the great honour to serve in different capacities, roles, in our local, states, and national political engagements.

The era of Ndi Igbo political “Renaissance” is now clearly manifest; heralded in Anambra State.

The spirit of “Renaissance” needs to be strategically copied, adopted, adapted, and replicated in the South East. It needs to be widely planted, nurtured, and harvested in the sister states of Abia, Ebonyi, Enugu, and Imo.

By this strategic means, the transformational impacts would become much more beneficial.

The lessons and legacies of 2021 Anambra State governorship polls must not be wasted. But preserved in the best political interests of Ndi Igbo and the South East.

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