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Buhari versus Obi: As wicked men change style By Val Obienyem

Mr. Peter Obi
Mr. Peter Obi

What is clear in Nigeria today is that former Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi is living his life without pretensions. What is also clear is that the opposition is relentless in seeking ways to bring him down.

Tell me what they have not done to achieve their aim? They drove him away from APGA thinking that it would be the end of his political life. They have released countless fabricated statements ascribing it to him in the bid to pitch him against many groups such as The Presidency, The Senate, Igbo women, Nigerian intellectuals, IPOD, MASSOB, Arewa, Ohaneze, etc.

They once released a statement where the revered Dr. Alex Ekwueme was supposed to have rebuked him.

The opposition was so infuriated that the scandal of election money, the Nigerian banking institution, etc left Obi untouched. They prayed and wished he could sin a little even out of respect for the gullible human nature, but Obi has refused to commit any sin, not even a peccadillo.

As I write, the opposition is approaching and promising heaven on earth to anybody that would visit the EFCC or ICPC and mention Obi’s name as liable for some wrong doings. They told some to write petitions including the houses he owns in Lekki, V/I, Abuja, etc. They know he does not own houses in any of these places, all they seek is just an invitation by the EFCC even if for 1 minute.

Currently, the opposition – the same people- have changed their game plan, they have started issuing statements Obi was supposed to have made against President Muhammadu Buhari. Yes, Obi makes comments on policy issues, but has never attacked anybody not to talk of the President. If they insist otherwise, the test is simple: can they publish the video of the attack?

A man as good and consistent as Obi is supposed to be celebrated by his country. In that celebration, his state will lead, but here, the contrary is the case.

So bad!!!!!!!

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