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Charter of Equity: Violations and consequences By Chukwuma ShaFT AMaram (Polemics).

“Nothing less than the existence of civilisation is at stake. Unless we can find a way to a more sanely ordered system of International Politics, nothing good or beautiful that men erect in the world can be considered safe from destruction”- Prof. C.K.Webster.

How apt and fitting, this sensible and highly sensitive statement, conveyed forcefully in the words of the erudite scholar of politics, in 1923, ultimately, approximately applies in the context of the current circumstances prevailing in the domestic politics of Abia State.

Presently, any politically discerning minds, cannot view the highly contentious circumstances of internal politics of Abia State, without strident reservations, specifically in terms of the wider security perspectives.

Only unsound minds or cleverly hidden, dissembling enemies of Abia State, masquerading in the masks of politics would deny or ignore the well-reasoned advocacy of Prof. C.K. Webster on the irrationality of destroying the human society, as well as the sum of accumulated civilization on the pretext of blind pursuit of self-serving, short-lived political gains.

Through the foresighted, relentless efforts of the founding fathers of Abia State, comprised of eminent statesmen, acclaimed political leaders, technocrats, professionals of diverse backgrounds, what stands today as a formidable foundation was bequeathed Abians.

The foundation’s keystones, as incorporated, were laid for the robust development of Abia State, anchored on what is commonly known as “The Abia Charter of Equity,” designed to serve as political compass, in the context of equitable rotation or distribution/zoning of highly sensitive elective political offices.

Unfortunately, as the 2023 general elections draws closer, it is this firm foundation that is being seriously threatened by visible prospects of demolition on account of insensitive, highly skewed activities, vaulting ambitions, and certain political proclivities of a tiny fraction of the Abia populace.

The ultimate aim, as in all cases of this inordinate or intemperate nature, is the destruction of civilization and eroding of the very essence of the Abia Charter of Equity.

No doubt, these forces at work, are determined to use any “means” possible, even immoral, covert and overt Machiavellian tools to “justify the end.”

There are many clandestine, obtrusive “means” available, through which the Charter of Equity, can be violated ultimately.

Consequently, however, havocs, foreseen, and unforeseen, in the process, could be unleashed on the Abia society.

The sole aims, clearly, is to destabilize Abia, in the event of failure to seize or retain power in 2023. A kind of forceful grip on power, using underhand tactics.

Some of these subversive “means:”

Spurious arguments have been advanced to discredit or shatter the sanctity of The Charter of Equity. These include the highlighting of the perceived “shortcomings” of the Charter Instrument as the basis of equitable geopolitical configurations of the parts of Abia State.

In this context, the controversies of Old Bende and Old Aba Divisions, are oftentimes orchestrated or hyped as basis to jettison the Charter Instrument, by the sponsors of these defective lines of arguments.

In essence, the three senatorial geopolitical blocs/configurations are recognised especially when circumstances seem favourable, but discountenanced if otherwise by these schools of thought.

Thus, any efforts, cleverly designed to upstage the Charter of Equity, on account of these lines of narratives, aim squarely at violations of the core essence and principles, inherent in the Charter of Equity.

Another disingenuous strategy deployed, is to deliberately twist out of context the simple meanings of the provisions of The Charter of Equity, by finding comfort in use of sublime legal semantics to confuse the plain meanings of the wordings of the Charter.

Any sensible mind, would wonder, given the high levels of exposures, individually and collectively; acute intelligence; versatile experience in statesmanship, statecraft, and political dexterity, amply possessed by the founding fathers; it certainly becomes conspicuously obvious the degree of mischief intended in the deployment of the strategy/tactics of English Language, vocabulary, semantics, as subterranean, subversive “means”.

It is pertinent and worthy, to note herein, the founding fathers in question, included eminent legal minds and luminaries of great abilities and repute. How, then, could such distinguished assemblage, of highly educated and enlightened personages, could have been assumed and perceived to be clumsily oblivious; or exhibited tardiness; in regards of the techniques and technicalities of conventional ground rules of the proper usage of English Language, is a critical issue to be well considered?

The third, and quite popular antics resorted to by the anti-Charter Of Equity crusaders, is to welcome wholesomely, as good arrangements and good omens the Charter Of Equity, in times of canvassing and rallying massive supports to leverage on the formula to produce the governor of Abia State; but fail to accept, refuse to recognize same sentiments, rights and privileges in favour of other confederating geopolitical blocs.

Particularly, curiously or deviously using imbalance in demographic strengths and statistics as veritable “means” of deprivations, targeted at others.

In this very context, population factors and superiority (imbalance) in terms of numerical strengths; uneven distributions of local government units (another aspect of imbalance) are aggressively readily deployed and displayed as instruments of oppression and oppressive mindset of “the end justifies the means”.

Hence, Machiavellian chauvinism, is adeptly deployed to serve both the twin purposes of oppression, and cheap blackmail. Even, whitemail, in addition, is swiftly seized upon, without any scruples.

In terms of consequences, nature does not permit vacuums.

Just laws crafted by man, much like laws of nature, can hardly be violated, without ultimately some serious repercussions.

In this context, we must implant in our minds the following observations: “He that blows on a fire gets sparks in his eyes”. Serves as an axiom. But no less a warning.

Similarly, “The best defence against the treacherous is treachery”.

Another axiomatic expression. Means, simply, tit for tit, tat for tat!

Abia State is the common heritage, commonwealth of Ndi Abia, irrespective of fortunes or misfortunes, as the circumstances permit, favoring or disfavoring any segments of Abia geopolity, on account of providence , conferred by the benevolence of nature and geopolitical advantages, or disadvantages, quantified in demographic or similar considerations.

Abia was founded and constructed on the philosophy, framework, platform, and template of: equity, equality, unity, fairness, justice, balance, and equilibria.

No one section of Abia society, can impose her will on others; notwithstanding her perceived invincible stature or postures.

Theoretically, even purportedly, as may be rightly or wrongly perceived or overestimated.

Conversely, no section of the Abia geopolity, including the tiniest in size geopolitically, should be underestimated or taken for granted.

Such arrogance or claims of invincibility, by whatever estimates, real or imagined, may in realities, only represent mirage, and indeed: “The Achilles heel”, politically, if well contemplated and considered, in the final analysis.

In 2022/2023 political dispensation and season, as in the past electoral cum political dispensations and seasons, the sanctity of Abia Charter Of Equity, ULTIMATELY standing firmly, as designed, on a tripodal arrangements of constitutionally recognized subsisting three geopolitical zones, no doubt, is sustained, preserved, and non negotiable.

Antecedents/Precedents as circumstances allowed before, must be followed, both in objective principles and in practice.

A train programmed to cover a predetermined stretch of journey only once, took off in 1999, from point A, through point B, to point C; traversed three coordinate points, namely: A, B, and C. Arrived point C, successfully in 2015, to mark the end of the journey in 2023.

Accordingly, another train on a similar journey, based on same guidelines, would not violate the guidelines governing the routes and smooth transitions from designated coordinate points, by reversing inversely the carefully calibrated, charted course.

A simple cosmic analogy to further buttress this point is: the Sun rises in the East but sets in the West. Always!!

Nature has decreed it to be so.

The Sun has never risen before in the West and set in the East. This is the “Universal” principle of cosmic harmony.

Order and orderliness are the essential, inexorable features of nature, as well as civilized societies.

Prof. C.K. Webster, drew attention to this phenomenon.

Likewise, Abia State founding fathers, relying on distilled wisdom and accumulated knowledge and experience, while laying solid foundations for a just, fair, equitable, and harmonious coexistence of Ndi Abia, constructed the Abia Charter Of Equity.

For specific purposes: Equity, including politically, socioeconomically, justice, preeminently.

The ONLY WISE OPTION (there really existed no other options, realistically) left now, in the context of seemingly seething cauldrons threatening the long preserved peace and tranquility in Abia State, remains unquestionably wholesome and strict adherence, application, observance, and preservation of the Spirit of The Charter Of Equity, both in principles and in practice; as enshrined, or encapsulated holistically in the Charter Instrument, which remains ever abiding.

Any shortcomings, thereof, associated with the Charter, given no documents, produced by humans, ever achieved the utopian standards of perfection, can be reasonably resolved by collective agreement based on consensus.

No single geopolitical bloc of Abia, no matter how formidably strong, perceived, can undertake unilaterally to consign the Charter of Equity to the dustbins of history, as being deliberately contemplated and conceived by a section of the Abia geopolitical bloc.

The sacred sanctity of the The Charter, cannot be indiscriminately subjected to abuse or violations.

If any section, groups, or individuals, on accounts of narrowly, constricted politically contrived expediency, profess to stand patently opposed to the non negotiable corporate well being of Abia State or Ndi Abia; my dear Abia compatriots, consider such political actions/activities, simply as treason.

A plot, designed, not with the best of intentions. Not, of course, in the utmost best interest of Abia, now or in the future.

Violations as a cause, premeditated, or otherwise, inevitably, sparks off consequences.

In this context, in the lyrics of a popular hit song, I dare warn accordingly, which says:”The answer my friend is blowing in the wind—, must agitate our minds collectively.

Lastly, we are grateful to Bob Dylan, for the hypothetical questions posed in his 1962 popular hit song: “Blowin’ in the wind”.

Listening to the song, especially the deeper meanings of the lyrics; the insightful answer on the likely consequences on the prospects of likelihoods of violations of the highly revered Charter Of Equity, dawns on Ndi Abia, frontally.

On Abia Charter Of Equity we stand.

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