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Children open up on Etisalat’s Kids Say The Darndest Things show

Children performing on the show
Performances on the show

It was a refreshingly discovery moment for some parents and guardians as they watch their children and wards, weekend, give their views on such topical issues as politics and family relationships during the Episode 12 of the Etisalat-sponsored Kids Say The Darndest Things.

The show offers a window into the private world of children as they often give hilarious, but straight and courageous views on various life issues ranging from house chores, gender, academics, career choice, current affairs, politics and relationships in an edutainment environment independent of parental and peer influence.

The episode 12 revealed the depth of knowledge, confidence, conviction and frankness in the children as they had to dig deep for answers to a quick succession of questions. Responding to a question on whom he thinks the most important person in Nigeria was, 11-year old Ayinsa , promptly gave it to President Muhammadu Buhari.

The mother of 7-year old Morewa could not hold back tears when her son was asked the qualities he would like his wife to have and he replied, “I want her to be beautiful like my mother.”

There were also dance performances from children cultural groups who all exhibited a variety of amazing cultural steps to the pleasure of the audience.

Speaking about the Show which popularity has been on the rise since it debuted three months back, Head, Events and Sponsorships at Etisalat Nigeria, Modupe Thani, reiterated Etisalat’s enduring commitment to providing platforms like Kids Say The Darndest Things and expressed delight with the opportunity the Show offers children to display and develop their potentials.

“Children are the future and embedded in them are potentials and talents that parents and society must help nurture and harness, so that they grow to become responsible adults who are capable of contributing positively to the growth and development of society. This corporate ethos of playing a key role in the overall development of the Nigerian Child is what we at Etisalat continue to demonstrate through initiatives like Cliqlite and programmes like Kids Say the Darndest Things,” she said.

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